November is National Caregivers Month, and according to a recent Merrill Lynch age wave study, eight in 10 Americans say caregiving is the “new normal” for American families.

Clean drinking water is critical to public health and safety. We can’t live without this essential resource that is delivered to north Texas homes and businesses for about a penny per gallon.


Sunday will be the first Father’s Day where I’ve joined the club. My wife and I welcomed our first screaming bundle of joy into the world six weeks ago to the day.

Charles C. Stibbens is the only soldier of the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836, or the Battle for Texas Independence of 1835-1836 to be buried in Collin County. On September 22, 1990, his grave was marked with medallions by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and second great grandd…

Two girls lost their lives recently at age 16. I know a thing or three about girls because I raised three of them who are now 32, 28 and 25 years old. 

This is the hardest thing I have had to write in my almost 10-year tenure at Star Local Media. This will be my final week with the company. I have chosen to pursue another career path, which will allow me to fulfill one of my life goals – helping people in need.

Writing is the painting of a picture in another person’s mind using only words. The magnificent scenery of Texas has inspired many artists and writers through the years, and the backdrop of overwhelming beauty and sometimes larger-than-life characters has often been the spark needed for a gr…

It was some time ago that I noticed my neighbors across the street hang their clothes out to dry on a clothesline and their chain-link fence.

Last week, the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI) was excited to be in Dallas to hold our second Let’s Adopt Reform town hall meeting, an initiative that aims to strengthen all families by igniting a national conversation about adoption and foster care adoption in the 21st century. We were j…