Coppell Firemen

Over the next four years, the fire department will build a fourth fire station and relocate fire station 1 in an effort to bring the department up to standard.

The Coppell Fire Department is moving forward with its four-year improvement plan, which includes the construction of a fourth fire department and the relocation of Fire Station 1.

 “The fire department has not added a new fire station in 22 years, and the community has outgrown our current configuration,” said Fire Chief Kevin Richardson.

The department is looking to build a fourth fire station near the water tower next to Wagon Wheel Park while Fire Station 1 will be moved to a location near the Sanders Loop area.

According to Richardson, there are several areas within the city the department cannot get to quickly enough, and this proposed plan is designed to help solve that issue.

“It (the plan) puts us in compliance, which we’re not right now,” Richardson said. “It also increases our response time for our all advanced life support.”

The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standard is a four-minute travel time response for 90 percent of calls. Richardson said Coppell responds within this time frame for about 78 percent of calls.

Richardson also said the department’s current arrangement does not support the city’s growth and development, puts the city’s Insurance Service Office (ISO) class one rating in jeopardy and could ultimately be a city liability if a tragedy were to occur.

After the completion of the proposed plan, Richardson said Coppell will be able to achieve a four-minute response time for about 92 percent of calls. Cardiac arrest survivability will go up, there will be less probability of property damage and the city will have a preserved ISO class one rating.

The department’s next step is to move forward with an implementation plan. The full project is expected to be complete within three to four years.

“We’re in a really good place,” Richardson said. “I’m excited, and I’m also excited for the community.” 

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