Shady Shores resident Bob Wheeler and his family will tell anyone who will listen that indoor soccer is the best sport to attend in person – not football, not basketball or baseball, and not hockey. Indoor soccer, played by the Dallas Sidekicks in Allen.

“Indoor soccer is non-stop fun, and it’s always a great family environment,” Wheeler said.

The family fell in love with the Dallas Sidekicks in the mid-1990s and attended as many games as possible. In fact, the family became so involved with the club that Bob’s son, Rob, became the Sidekick’s in-game ball-boy and also dressed up as the Acme ‘Brick’ during halftime.

“He loved doing it, and the team had no problem trusting those in-game responsibilities to an 11-year old,” Wheeler said. “It was really great for him and a thrill for Flo [his wife] and me to watch him out there.”

Now, some 13 years later, the Sidekicks have resurfaced and play their home games at the Allen Event Center under head coach and former Sidekicks legend Tatu. Rob, now at graduate school at Texas A&M, no longer acts as the team ball-boy or halftime entertainment, but Bob and Flo still never miss a home game.

“With today’s fast-paced environment, indoor soccer is perfect for kids,” Tatu said. “Kids these days always have cell phones, video games and iPads. At an indoor soccer game, you’ve got music going, the game is fast-paced with a lot of scoring, there’s crowd interaction – everything for a family that you need to have a good time.”

“The family-environment aspect really is phenomenal,” Wheeler added. “That’s why we never miss a game. Here in Dallas, everyone thinks this city is a football town, and even basketball and baseball to a degree. But for us, indoor soccer is just so much fun for everyone involved.”

Wheeler said that the beautiful Allen Event Center, located in the heart of Allen, sits 6,000 people and offers a great view of the game “no matter where your seat it.” And the close proximity of the fans to the field make for a very loud crowd that energizes the team.

“Because of my son, the Sidekicks have always been close to me and my wife,” Wheeler said. “We will always go to the games. It’s the best time.”

The Sidekicks still have three home games remaining in 2014 – on Jan. 31, Feb. 16 and Feb. 22. Call the Allen Event Center for tickets at 214-550-6130.

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