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Dot Wolfe puts a Post-it Note on an activity she would like to see included in the multi-generational center.

Officials already know the multi-generational center is over budget, but on Monday they were given a plan for how developers plan to handle that obstacle.

“We would like to confirm the direction and give a preview of the steps we’re going to take over the next year to deliver the building for you,” said Craig Bouck, lead architect from Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture. “This plan includes Valley Vista and Memorial Park, but our focus we be on the Memorial Park piece.”

During the last Lewisville City Council workshop meeting, members chose to proceed with option two for handling the budget shortfall. It includes the 85,000 square-foot center, 100 parking spaces, beginning the bioswale drainage and the new access drive from S. Valley Parkway. It also includes the reuse of the west side of the existing vehicle access drive and the west half of the existing parking lot.

The option adds $7.9 million above the initial project budget bringing the total to $46 million.

“If there is an opportunity to add to that, the priority will be to look at the north corridor and parking,” Bouck said. “It’s very clear that this is our budget, and it’s our job is to maximize whatever we can do within those parameters.”

The schematic design process began Tuesday morning and will last about 13 weeks.

“The point is to confirm the design,” Bouck said. “It’s at this point that the engineers get involved, and we go in depth of describing what we will do in the master plan.”

During design development, Bouck said they will get the details of systems and structures within the center. Document design is putting together a large set of documents that the contractor will use during construction.

The project will take about 1.5 years to build with a projected completion date of December 2019.

“It’s orchestrated chaos,” Bouck said. “During the next several months/years, there will be thousands of decisions to be made, everyone will have different timelines.”

Bouck said at each step, officials will need to “consider, confirm and commit.” 

“For example, there are key things to ask when focusing on the gym, what will it need to accomplish, who will use it, how will it be used and how will it feel?,” Bouck said. “We will need to determine what the experience will be like in each space.”

Bouck said during the operations they will focus on “doing the most with the least,” and during the innovation process the focus will be “maximizing participation.”

“Our goal is to give three options on everything we can. It will use a ‘good, better, best’ system,” Bouck said. “With each option we will have the cost associated.”

Project schedule

Confirm design January-May

Develop design May-November

Document design November-April 2018

Bid April-June 2018

Build June 2018-December 2019

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