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Allen ISD’s Eagle Stadium (pictured) is one of five facilities subject to track and turf renovations pursuant to Proposition B.

Less than one year after a polarizing bond election that saw record turnout, Allen ISD called yet another bond election in its Monday meeting.

In a considerable departure from the November 2020 bond referendum’s $222.1 million price tag, this upcoming bond election will consist of two ballot items collectively totaling at $23.6 million.

According to Allen ISD Chief Financial Officer Johnny Hill, Proposition A’s $15.9 million budget allotment will be dedicated to improvements for tennis courts, weight rooms and other amenities for facilities such as the Lowery Freshman Center and the Allen ISD Activity Center.

“Those facilities are used throughout the day for instruction, whether those are PE classes, whether those are athletic periods…” Hill said. “That’s why those are lumped into Proposition A.”

Proposition B will be paired on the ballot with Proposition B, a $7.7 million referendum item devoted to track and turf replacements and additions for Curtis Middle School, Lowery Freshman Center, Allen High School, Ford Middle School and Eagle Stadium.

Despite the fact that these bond items would increase property taxes, Hill emphasized their necessity and economic prudence in telling trustees, “One thing that we do know through school finance is if we don’t go on and take care of these items, then of course, the magnitude of these costs will only increase over time.”

While also conceding that these bond items would entail an increase in the district’s total outstanding debt, Hill said the district would be prepared to continue its routine management of its debt portfolio and remain vigilant in paying it off.

“I will say that in this order, it actually specifies that we can actually pay these back up to 40 years. We will not do that,” he said while presenting Proposition B. “Historically, this board has seen fit to not amortize anything over 25 years.”

The newly called bond election will take place on Nov. 2, with early voting beginning on Oct. 18 and ending Oct. 29.

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