Allen woman arrested for drug possession, vehicle burglary and more

Ashley Nicole Sullivan, 32, has outstanding warrants for offenses ranging from vehicle burglary to unlicensed possession of a firearm. 

An Allen woman was arrested by Plano Police officers on Tuesday evening and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, in addition to 12 outstanding warrants for offenses including burglary of a vehicle, credit card/debit card abuse, theft and unlicensed possession of a firearm.

The defendant, 32-year-old Ashley Sullivan, was reportedly in the passenger seat of a white Dodge vehicle as the driver, 33-year-old Michael Hess, was pulled over by a Plano Police officer near the 1600 block of Central Expressway for allegedly failing to use a turn signal within 100 feet of the turn. According to the incident report, both occupants exited the vehicle and were instructed by the officer to go back inside.

“I immediately became suspicious based on the location,” the report said, while noting that Hess and Sullivan were in proximity of “high narcotics trafficking motels” such as Studio 6 and Comfort Inn and Suites. Furthermore, the officer described the demeanor of the occupants as that of “attempting to separate themselves from illegal contraband that was inside the vehicle.”

The officer reportedly requested backup and was promptly advised by a dispatcher that Sullivan had a checkered criminal history. He also claimed that she responded sluggishly and appeared sick or inebriated.

According to the documents, a backup officer arrived at the scene within minutes with a drug-sniffing dog, which alerted officers and prompted a vehicle search. Officers allegedly found three grams of methamphetamine and approximately one gram of heroin in the vehicle. The documents state that officers found residue on paraphernalia such as a cotton ball inside a vial (commonly used to filter tar heroin), a silver spoon and hypodermic needle.

Sullivan is being held on a $10,000 bond with conditions, with each of the two offenses being set for $5,000. Bonds for her other warrants each range from $500 to $15,000 and go as far back as 2017.

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