Collin County dashboard w/ disclaimer

The Collin County COVID-19 data dashboard on Tuesday features a disclaimer that the county "has no confidence" in data it is recieving from the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

Collin County’s COVID-19 data dashboard now holds a disclaimer stating that it “has no confidence” in the data it is receiving from the Department of State Health Services.

The disclaimer states that the COVID-19 data is provided as a courtesy to residents but that the county lacked confidence in the data after having been made aware of inaccuracies in the state department’s reporting.

On Tuesday, Collin County Judge Chris Hill took to Facebook to discuss the disclaimer.

“The Commissioners Court is 100% certain that the COVID-19 data being reported for Collin County is inaccurate,” Hill stated.

He said the Department of State Health Services had been responsible for all COVID-19 case investigations, contact tracing and case reporting for the county since June 1, but that reports and case totals continue to be “plagued by mistakes and errors.”

“The Collin County Commissioners Court held a lengthy discussion about the continuing trend of inaccurate and unreliable COVID-19 data provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Texas Trace,” Hill stated.

The court ultimately decided to put the disclaimer on its dashboard, but not before it considered taking the dashboard down entirely, Hill stated. He cited concerns that the dashboard’s removal would cause confusion in the community.

The county’s dashboard includes a disclaimer from the Texas DSHS as well, which states that all data are subject to change.

“These numbers are an estimate based on several assumptions related to hospitalization rates and recovery times, which were informed by data available to date,” the disclaimer continues. “These assumptions are subject to change as we learn more about COVID-19.”

As of Tuesday, the county’s own disclaimer, written in bold white text against a bright red background, appears in the center of the dashboard. The Texas DSHS disclaimer appears in smaller text after clicking a tab labeled “Downloads and Disclaimers.”

As of Tuesday evening, the dashboard showed 213 new cases of COVID-19, 5,541 recoveries and 4,736 active cases. All three figures, as well as the roughly 10,400 confirmed cases listed, label the Texas DSHS as the source.

The dashboard shows 102 deaths as of Tuesday evening. That information is credited to Collin County Health Care Services.

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