Chloee Rae

Chloee Rae is an eighth grader at Ereckson Middle School who is involved with the facility’s fine arts department, but her artistic output doesn’t stop there.

A singer-songwriter, Rae recently won the Josie Music Awards’ 2021 Junior Artist of the Year award.

How did you discover your passion for music?

I use to do pageants. When I was three years old, they had a talent portion and I decided to sing “On the Good Ship Lollipop” and my mom dressed me like Shirley Temple. Once I sang on a stage in front of people, I knew I wanted to do it forever.  I started taking voice at five years old from Cami Caldwell of the Cactus Kids in Lubbock and got to perform on the historic stage of Lubbock's Cactus Theater many times with a live band. I was hooked! 

How did you become a triple threat?

I learn to act through songs first!  I have always been in dance.  I went to Ovation Fine Arts Academy and continued acting, singing and dance training.  I have been in a couple commercials and been in musicals. I am currently in the Ereckson Middle School’s production of Singin’ in the Rain, which we will perform from November 11-12.  I go to Septien Entertainment and am a member of a girl pop group called The MicroChicks. We go all around the DFW area singing and dancing. 

What are some of your proudest achievements?

Becoming a member of the MicroChicks, singing the National Anthem at a Dallas Stars game and winning a Josie award!

Where do you see your career in five years?

I hope to be recording an album and touring!

Are you a native Texan? (Where from?)

I am originally from Levelland, a small Texas town outside of Lubbock. We moved here over three years ago so I could chase my dreams. My mom use to drive me here from Lubbock to rehearse with MicroChicks every Thursday and we usually stayed through Saturday for a whole year. 

What are some of your go-to comfort movies and TV shows?

I love Tom & Jerry and the Netflix show Stranger Things, but also, The Emoji Movie is my favorite!

What are your favorite local restaurants?


What music have you been listening to lately?

Isn’t everyone listening to Olivia Rodrigo? Lol. I also like Willow Smith.

Even though I do a lot of pop music I really love country and listen to it a lot. That is my “West Texas side.”

My favorite country artist I’ve been listening to lately is Callista Clark.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to be remembered for my love for music, my service to the community, kindness, leadership and willingness to always help others!

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