Robyn Mead

The title of director can be an all-encompassing role where many hats must be worn, and few people exemplify this quality more than Allen resident Robyn Mead.

A director of home tutoring service Tutoring 101 since 2017, Mead serves and accommodates the needs of both tutors and their students alike. She’s also a director in the theatrical sense, as she serves as the President of Allen’s Community Theatre, where she directs and acts.

How did you get in your line of work?

I was an English/Theatre major in college and spent years in sales and marketing. Now I am the Director of Tutoring 101 and help kids get the best tutors to help them succeed. I fulfill my creative side with being a part of Allen’s Community Theatre both on the Board and as a director and actor.

What's been your greatest career moment to date?

Wow. Greatest career moment is tough. I love what I do with helping kids and families especially in these extraordinary times. I really enjoyed beingthe Advertising Director at the McKinney Courier-Gazette.  Each job has had their own rewards and challenges. I really like a varied and challenging job.

Are you a native Texan? (where from?)

I was born in Waco, Texas when there was an Air Force base there (too long ago to mention). My dad was a career Air Force officer, so we moved around. I moved back here as an adult and have been in Allen for 23 years.

What's your fondest childhood memory?

I have so many. I really think my parents gave me a great childhood. I got to explore so many different things and choose what really interested me. I took ballet and piano for years, did theatre at church and school and even took fencing lessons.  Plus we had a lot of different pets from dogs and fish to even a flying squirrel!

What's your favorite area restaurant? 

I am torn between Café Gecko and Spice Creations.

What's your favorite movie?  

I love Pride and Prejudice and Tombstone. How’s that for varied interests! Also, I binge any British mystery I can find.

Tell our readers about your family.

We think of ourselves as a real Modern Family-esque family. We have two grown children. One is a writer and lives in Baltimore with her husband. Our son is an electrical lineman here in Texas. Our son has a daughter. They live with us, and his former fiancé rents a room from us. We are very blended family. My father passed away last year and we help my mother with whatever she needs. We are a part of the sandwich generation for sure.

What are your hobbies? 

I guess theatre is my biggest “hobby.” I love every aspect of it. I am the President of the Board at Allen’s Community Theatre and I act and direct there and at various other theatres in North Texas.  The past 18 months have been a real challenge for theatres, and I urge people to support them and the arts in general as they are the spice of life. Speaking of ACT, we are about to open a great comedy on Sept. 17th called The Fourth Wall.  If you like to laugh you will love this hilarious show. Visit our Facebook page or www.allen’ to get tickets (shameless promotion but you will have a great time at ACT). When I am not at the theatre (and sometimes when I am there) I love to knit and crochet or read a great book.

If you were on a deserted island, what is the one item you couldn't live without?

Yikes. I assume I have food and water so I guess books so I would not feel lonely.

Tell our readers something about you they would never guess to be true.

I used to be a Pastor’s wife! First marriage – long story.

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