Tyson Faifer

Tyson Faifer, founder of Brew Haha, travels through out the year to perform at comedy venues around the country.

Tyson prides himself on being a renaissance man of sorts. He’s been a contestant on “Ninja Warrior” and “America’s Got Talent.” He does stand-up comedy around the country and, now, he can add entrepreneur to his list.

Brew-Haha is a comedy series that features North Texas comedians that have been featured on channels such as HBO, Comedy Central, NBC and BET.  Paul Varghese, CJ Starr, Dean Lewis and more will perform  a full show at local independent breweries across the Metroplex. During the series, guests get a chance to take a tour of breweries such as Franconia Brewing Company in McKinney, taste three beers and then watch a show from three local comedians inside the brewery.

Faifer has plans to expand this operation to various cities in Texas next, but, for now, he’s anticipating the first show at Community Beer Company in Dallas on Sept. 18.

Star Local Media: I noticed that there are lots of events out there with the name Brew Haha. Are there other things out there like this?

Tyson Faifer: What I’m about to do, there’s nothing like it in the U.S. and no one’s owned it and no one’s trademarked it. We have to label it comedy series because there are tons of smaller events that have beer and comedy, and they thought it would be clever to use the name “Brew-Haha.” But, there is nothing that combines the local independent beer culture and comedy like this.

SLM: Where did you get the idea?

TF: I needed small venues for these performances. I was talking to my friend on the phone from Maryland one day, and she had this view of Texans that a lot of them drink beer. She found all of these craft breweries and she said, “Why don’t you do this at breweries?” Dallas Brew Scene was the major supporter, because people come to these venues every week and a lot of these places have stopped doing music because of noise ordinances. Lots of these breweries are next to houses, so these are great places to do comedy. The noise level isn’t high enough to start any trouble, especially because we’re not trying to pack the breweries. We want it to be intimate and cool. It started out at six shows, so it was a six pack. We had to cut it off at ten, because we didn’t want to get too close to Thanksgiving.

SLM: How did you get the different comedians on board? Do you have relationships with them?

TF: The comedy scene here in Dallas is some of the best in the country, and they’re all really good friends of mine and they just wanted to be a part of this. Before this, we had a comedy pub crawl and every hour we went from bar to bar to bar and did a unique show. So, this is an evolution of that.

SLM: After this series is over, could you see yourself expanding this to other parts of the country?

TF: A series like this has never been done. We’re probably going to try to extend this to Austin and Houston.

SLM: I know that the North Texas Beer Week site has a few of your events listed. Was this the plan to have the series be a part of that week and a half event?

TF: Our show at Rahr is the big event during North Texas Beer Fest. Miss Texas Globe is going to be at one and some of my fellow Ninja Warriors are also going to come too.

SLM: Will this only last through fall?

TF: We’re going to do another run next year, but every couple of months we’ll do one show at a brewery to keep it fresh and during that downtime, I’ll be contacting some breweries in Austin and Houston and maybe San Antonio to see if they want to participate in it. No matter how far this goes, it will always be known that it started in DFW.

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