Pre-kindergarten students will now be included in Lovejoy ISD’s tuition-based enrollment program that the district created for K-12 students in 2013. 

With the opening of the 2017-18 school year, Lovejoy ISD will offer a tuition-based pre-kindergarten program for all 4-year-old children.

This comprehensive program will be staffed by credentialed teachers and housed on the Puster Elementary campus. The pre-kindergarten program will provide a developmentally appropriate experience to ensure all children are kindergarten ready by the end of the year.

The Lovejoy program will offer enhancements in music, fitness, art, library, science, technology, engineering and math. Four-year-old children need opportunities to develop their creativity, and the Lovejoy program will certainly provide that opportunity.

“We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to provide a Lovejoy education for community members looking for a rich learning experience which will provide a firm foundation for kindergarten and beyond,” said, Ted Moore, superintendent of schools.” This program will also be appropriate for those parents who have a ‘young’ 5-year-old child who they prefer to hold back for one year prior to starting kindergarten. This transitional kinder experience can certainly prepare young children to be ready to gain the most learning from their kindergarten year. The advantage of an open-enrollment pre-K program within an elementary school, staffed by credentialed teachers, will provide a level of stability in staffing which will add value to the program.”

Lovejoy ISD introduced a K-12 tuition-based enrollment program in the 2013-14 school year. Now in its fourth year, the tuition-based program is home to over 70 students spread among grades K-12. In response to the success of this program and community recommendations and requests, Lovejoy ISD will be adding pre-kindergarten to the tuition-based enrollment program for the 2017-2018 school year. Registration for the Lovejoy ISD pre-kindergarten program is now open.

For additional information, or to register for the program, click here. 

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