Connor Brown

Plano West senior Connor Brown was named MVP of District 9-6A.

Balance was a consistent theme all season long in District 9-6A boys soccer. Prior to its cancellation in March during the COVID-19 pandemic, with just two matches remaining, only Allen and Prosper had clinched playoff berths and just six points separated third place from seventh.

Naturally, that even keel was reflected on the conference’s annual all-district team, with representatives from six of 9-6A’s eight high schools earning an all-district superlative.

That included a resurgence into the playoff mix for Plano West, which rose to third place before having its season conclude. Central to that effort was the play of senior Connor Brown, who became the third West player over the past five years to capture district MVP honors. 

“I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Connor for two years now and he has always been committed to perfecting his craft,” said Brennan Satre, West head coach. “He’s got that natural eye for goals and finds those dangerous pockets on the field really well. He holds his game to such a high standard.”

Building off an all-district honorable mention as a junior, Brown carried the mantle as one of the area’s top offensive weapons behind six goals and eight assists during the Wolves’ bounce-back campaign.

“Connor remained that same natural goal scorer for us but set up his team mates to score six more times (than last year) with two less games played,” Satre said.

Whereas Brown raked in the district’s top accolade, the depth atop the standings from first-place, state-ranked Allen shined elsewhere. The Eagles posted a conference-best five superlative selections, posting standout play all over — from co-offensive player of the year and senior Scoty Reyes, to defensive player of the year and senior Mason Turner, goalkeeper of the year and junior Jackson Leavitt, co-sophomore of the year Ayden Mendoza and co-coach of the year Kim Fullerton.

“It’s really a testament to our team and the group of coaches that we’ve got,” Fullerton said. “It’s a team sport and says a lot about our program as one of the best in our district and the state.”

Fullerton’s repeat as the district’s top coach was matched by Leavitt, who earned the league’s top goalkeeper honor for the second consecutive year. As a junior, Leavitt surrendered just 0.55 goals per game and posted 12 shutouts in 18 matches in net.

“Jackson was a huge part of our success. He actually marshal the defense and made so many key saves for us,” Fullerton said. “He’s one of our leaders and helped keep everyone organized on defense. He’s honestly an extension of our defense because he’s so good with his feet that you can pass the ball back to him and start the offense through him.”

Reyes and Turner, meanwhile, were among the breakout stars during the Eagles’ 2020 campaign. Reyes earned offensive MVP honors in his first year on varsity after posting four goals and five assists.

“Scoty is a very skilled player and one of our big surprises this year,” Fullerton said. “We always knew he was talented … but people noticed him because he was able to use his skill and speed to get behind the defense and create a bunch for us. He was always part of plays that created goals for us at crucial moments.”

Turner, meanwhile, acclimated to an unforeseen position change and emerged as an integral part in an Allen defense that 0.8 goals in district play.

“In the preseason, we had several starters go down with injuries and we had to make due with what we had,” Fullerton said. “Mason was our starting striker and we had to convert him to defense until we got some guys back. But with each game, he played better and better, and by the end of the season, he was such a dominating force back there for us.”

With only half of his high school career in the books, Mendoza continued his ascent as the district’s top sophomore and a second straight all-district first-team selection.

“Pound-for-pound, he’s one of our better soccer players at Allen,” Fullerton said. “This year, the team voted for him to wear No. 10. Usually, that goes to a senior, but they decided for him to wear it and that just shows the respect the other players have for him.”

Elsewhere in the conference, Plano East landed a pair of all-district superlatives. Senior James Stautler split offensive player of the year honors with Reyes after anchoring the Panther attack behind eight goals and three assists.

“James was basically the engine that drove us. He had such a fantastic year and even played most of the year battling a couple nagging injuries,” said Rick Woodard, East head coach. “He’s a class act and very strong on the ball. You look at his goals and assists, and if we did it like hockey where you get credit for secondary assists, there’s no telling how many assists he would have had.”

If it wasn’t Stautler helping find the back of the net, junior Walters Che took on that duty more times than not — matching Stautler’s eight goals and assisting on six more on his way to newcomer of the year honors.

“Walters was having a fantastic year. He really started to mature right after non-district and hit the ground running,” Woodard said. “We kept telling him to go to goal and when he had an opportunity, he did exactly that. He was having a great year before everything got shut down.”

Right behind Allen in the race for the conference title was Prosper, whose efforts were commended behind a midfielder of the year selection for senior Osbaldo Loredo. Prosper head coach Ryan Rogers shared coach of the year honors with Fullerton, while McKinney ISD tacked on two superlatives of its own with McKinney junior Ethan Orozco nabbing utility player of the year and McKinney Boyd’s Spencer Sarkissian splitting sophomore of the year honors with Mendoza.

First-team selections for Allen included senior midfielder Jonathan Bernard, senior defenseman Jack Allison, senior midfielder Benny Lube, senior defenseman Christopher Firch and senior midfielder Reese Perez.

West, meanwhile, was represented on the first team by senior defenseman Randy Bond, junior midfielder Jackson Castro, junior midfielder Grant McIntosh and senior forward Cole Kershaw.

East’s first-team selections included senior midfielder Nick Bush, senior midfielder Sam Camacho, senior midfielder Derek Jung and junior forward Ben Woodard, while Plano Senior landed senior midfielder Truxton Pillsbury and senior defenseman Landon Schattle on the first team as well.

2020 9-6A All-District Boys Soccer Team

MVP: Connor Brown (Plano West, F, Sr.)

Offensive Player of the Year: Scoty Reyes (Allen, F, Sr.), James Stautler (Plano East, F, Sr.)

Defensive Player of the Year: Mason Turner (Allen, D, Sr.)

Midfielder of the Year: Osbaldo Loredo (Prosper, MF, Sr.)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Jackson Leavitt (Allen, GK, Jr.)

Utility Player of the Year: Ethan Orozco (McKinney, MF, Jr.)

Newcomer of the Year: Walters Che (Plano East, F, Jr.)

Sophomore of the Year: Ayden Mendoza (Allen, MF, Soph.), Spencer Sarkissian (McKinney Boyd, F, Soph.)

Coach of the Year: Kim Fullerton (Allen), Ryan Rogers (Prosper)


First Team

Jonathan Bernard (Allen, MF, Sr.)

Jack Allison (Allen, D, Sr.)

Benny Lube (Allen, MF, Sr.)

Christopher Firch (Allen, D, Sr.)

Reese Perez (Allen, MF, Sr.)

Nathan Smith (Prosper, F, Sr.)

Dunes Nielsen (Prosper, MF, Soph.)

CJ Lucido (Prosper, F, Sr.)

Cooper Olson (Prosper, MF, Jr.)

Cole Newman (Prosper, D, Jr.)

Randy Bond (Plano West, D, Sr.)

Jackson Castro (Plano West, MF, Jr.)

Grant McIntosh (Plano West, MF, Jr.)

Cole Kershaw (Plano West, F, Sr.)

Ethan Boyd (McKinney Boyd, MF, Jr.)

Jared Moore (McKinney Boyd, D, Sr.)

Shayo Oladele (McKinney Boyd, D, Sr.)

Drew Reynolds (McKinney Boyd, MF, Sr.)

Ryan Watson (McKinney, F, Sr.)

Jake Myers (McKinney, MF, Sr.)

Calvin Doyle (McKinney, MF, Sr.)

Giovanni Montez (McKinney, D, Jr.)

Ryan Shea (Jesuit, F, Jr.)

Diego Sierra (Jesuit, F, Sr.)

Reid Weinberger (Jesuit, MF, Sr.)

Parker Christensen (Jesuit, GK, Sr.)

Nick Bush (Plano East, MF, Sr.)

Sam Camacho (Plano East, MF, Sr.)

Derek Jung (Plano East, MF, Sr.)

Ben Woodard (Plano East, F, Jr.)

Truxton Pillsbury (Plano Senior, MF, Sr.)

Landon Schattle (Plano Senior, D, Sr.)


Second Team

Kevin Gonzalez (Allen, F, Sr.)

Sam Presser (Allen, MF/F, Jr.)

Preston Stal (Allen, D/GK, Jr.)

Isaiah Moreno (Allen, MF, Jr.)

Gino Quezada (Allen, F, Sr.)

Aidan Cady (Prosper, D, Sr.)

Ryan Hogg (Prosper, MF, Sr.)

Chandler Kovarik (Prosper, D, Jr.)

Ethan East (Prosper, F/D, Sr.)

Jack Simonini (Prosper, F, Sr.)

Christopher Beltran (Plano West, D, Sr.)

Luis Eguia (Plano West, F, Sr.)

Alexander Quinn (Plano West, MF, Soph.)

Santiago Sanchez (Plano West, D, Soph.)

Luke Chumley (McKinney Boyd, D, Jr.)

Noah Penner (McKinney Boyd, MF, Jr.)

Ethan Uribe (McKinney Boyd, GK, Jr.)

Brandon Wellborn (McKinney Boyd, MF, Sr.)

Emmanuel Martinez (McKinney, MF, Sr.)

Alex Thompson (McKinney, D, Sr.)

Kadin Medrano (McKinney, GK, Jr.)

Israel Manzo (McKinney, MF, Soph.)

Dakota Schau (Jesuit, D, Sr.)

Tom Jubin (Jesuit, GK, Sr.)

Benton Bacile (Jesuit, MF, Jr.)

Jason Davis (Jesuit, D, Jr.)

Efrain Capul Castenada (Plano East, MF, Jr.)

Dean Hughes (Plano East, GK, Sr.)

William Torres (Plano East, D, Jr.)

Mauricio Vastida (Plano East, D, Jr.)

Robert Boone (Plano Senior, M/F, Sr.)

Jack Bender (Plano Senior, F, Sr.)


Honorable Mention

Brian Gramajo (Allen, M/F, Sr.)

Diego Morales (Allen, MF, Soph.)

Isaiah Sanborn (Allen, D, Jr.)

Rocky Otzizul (Allen, D, Soph.)

Nick Torres (Prosper, GK, Sr.)

Ryan Stanley (Prosper, MF, Sr.)

Trett Johnson (Prosper, F, Sr.)

Drew Peterson (Prosper, D, Soph.)

Eli Zavala (Prosper, D, Sr.)

London Kronberg (Plano West, MF, Sr.)

Colin Martin (Plano West, D, Fr.)

Ethan Wolff (Plano West, GK, Sr.)

Baily Helms (McKinney Boyd, MF, Soph.)

Daniel Ortiz (McKinney Boyd, MF, Soph.)

Alex Plosca (McKinney Boyd, D, Soph.)

Nevin Wilke (McKinney Boyd, GK, Sr.)

Jesus Martinez (McKinney, D, Jr.)

Zac Cable (McKinney, D, Sr.)

Ryan Henry (McKinney, MF, Jr.)

Miles Garrison (McKinney, GK, Jr.)

Sullivan Scott (Jesuit, D, Jr.)

Alec Gomez (Jesuit, D, Jr.)

Will Kelton (Jesuit, MF, Sr.)

Geoff Miller (Jesuit, GK, Sr.)

Mario Garcia (Plano East, MD, Jr.)

Luke Mulkey (Plano East, D, Soph.)

Diego Santibanez (Plano Senior, F/D, Sr.)

Sage Trevino (Plano Senior, MF, Jr.)

Jonathan Cui (Plano Senior, D/F, Jr.)

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