On Wednesday, the University Interscholastic League announced updates to the athletic calendars for the 2021-20 school year for team tennis, volleyball, swimming and wrestling.

The biggest change is the delay to the start of the wrestling season, which has been pushed back to February and the state championships until April.

The scheduling changes are in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).


The start of the wrestling season has been delayed until Feb. 15, which is the date that the UIL has designated for the start of tournaments and duals.

The first day for minimum weight certification is Jan. 18.

The two-pound growth allowance is scheduled for March 15 and the last day for weight certifications is set for March 27.

District certification will be conducted April 10.

Regional tournaments are scheduled for April 16-17 while the state tournament will be held April 23-24 at the Berry Center in Cypress.


Schools in Classes 5A and 6A may start interschool competitions on Monday – duals and tri-meets only.

Only duals and tri-meets will be allowed, per the UIL, and only one level of competitors (varsity/junior varsity/9th grade). A school can bring both a boys team and a girls team to the same event, but they would need to be at the same competition level. Duals and tri-meet may have an additional three swimmers or divers from schools that have one swimmer. All three additional swimmers or divers may come from the same school or one swimmer or diver from three different schools. A maximum of three teams are allowed at one site at any given time.

Meets that are classified as diving only are limited to no more than 40 divers.

The deadline for district certification is Jan. 30.

Regional meets are scheduled for Feb. 5-6.

The girls state championships is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 19-20 while the boys state championships is tentatively set for Feb. 26-27.

Team tennis

Schools in Classes 5A and 6A may start interschool competition on Monday.

The deadline for district certification is Oct. 24.

The postseason schedule is as follows: bi-district (Oct. 26, 27), area (Oct. 29-31), regional quarterfinal (Nov. 2-3), regional semifinal (Nov. 6-7), regional final (Nov. 9-10), state semifinal (Nov. 13-14) and state tennis championship finals (Nov. 17).

Tournaments will be allowed during the regular season with no more than eight teams participating in each event. Tournaments for determining district representatives will be allowed with the limitation of two schools at one site. Additional information will be released at a later date regarding regional and state tournaments.


Schools in Classes 5A and 6A that have offered strength and conditioning workouts in the previous two weeks are allowed to start fall practice on Monday.

Scrimmages are allowed to begin Sept. 11.

The regular season can commence Sept. 14. A maximum of three matches are allowed per calendar week. Only one match can be played during the school week (Monday-Thursday) with the second and third matches to be played outside of the school week on Fridays and Saturdays, if school is in session.

District certification is Nov. 17.

The postseason schedule is as follows: bi-district (Nov. 19-20), area (Nov. 23-24), quarterfinals (Nov. 27-28), regional semifinals (Nov. 30-Dec. 1), regional finals (Dec. 3-5), state semifinals (Dec. 7-8) and state championship finals (Dec. 12, Curtis Culwell Center, Garland).

Important dates


Feb. 15 First date for duals, tournaments

April 16-17 Regional tournaments

April 23-24 State championships (Cypress)


Jan. 30 District certification

Feb. 5-6 Regional meets

Feb. 19-20 Girls state championships

Feb. 26-27 Boys state championships

Team tennis

Sept. 7 First day for interschool competition, Classes 5A and 6A

Oct. 24 District certification

Oct. 26-27 Bi-district

Oct. 29-31 Area

Nov. 2-3 Regional quarterfinal

Nov. 6-7 Regional semifinal

Nov. 9-10 Regional final

Nov. 13-14 State semifinal

Nov. 17 State championship finals


Sept. 7 Practice begins

Sept. 11 Scrimmages allowed

Sept. 14 Matches allowed

Nov. 19-20 Bi-district

Nov. 23-24 Area

Nov. 27-28 Quarterfinals

Nov. 30-Dec. 1 Regional semifinals

Dec. 3-5 Regional finals

Dec. 7-8 State semifinals

Dec. 12 State championships (finals only)

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