State Rep. Michelle Beckley (D), whose House District 65 represents Carrollton, didn’t see much success with her authored bills during her first legislative session, but she said she’s planning to get more results next time.

While many legislators focused on education funding, Beckley shifted her efforts to healthcare and Medicaid. However, healthcare was not a priority this session, she said.

“They (legislators) actually cut Medicaid by $1 million,” Beckley said. “It was not a focus this session.”

Beckley authored several bills such as House Bill (HB) 1645, which was related to benefit coverage plan for preexisting conditions, and HB 1210, which would have expanded eligibility for Medicaid in certain counties.

Beckley said she also focused on bills dealing with immunizations.

“I will continue working with our health care,” she said. “We’ve got some small business solutions also.”

Some of Beckley’s co-authored bills did make their way to the governor’s office. HB 455 will change recess policies in public schools to encourage constructive outdoor playtime. HB 3091 will prohibit disclosure of the location or physical layout of a family violence shelter center or victims of a trafficking shelter center.

Legislators considered HB 3 a success, but Beckley said the bill wasn’t totally a win.

“We increased funding but the main problem is it’s not funded through 2021,” she said. “We will be back next session talking about how we’re going to fund that because there is not long-term funding in it.”

Beckley said she is against HB 2 or Senate Bill 2, which will reform property tax throughout the state.

“There’s not going to be property tax relief because of the way they chose to do it,” she said. “I wanted to have double homestead exemption, which would have created a lot more savings for people in our district. Our cities are going to have a hard time. It’s just another attack on local control."

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