Carrollton City Council

Tuesday night the Carrollton City Council approved an agreement to sell approximately 19.1 acres of the Crosby Road redevelopment area to Kirby Rice, Ltd. for a new residential development.

Ravi Shah, director of development services, said the area is uniquely located, is visible from the DART line and is about a half a mile from the downtown Carrollton station, which Shah said works well with the city’s downtown vision. 

Officials said the development is projected to attract a demographic that will frequently patronize downtown Carrollton.

The city received the land beginning with the acquisition of the 120-unit La Sombra Apartments in 2008, according to city officials. In 2016, the city released its first request for proposal (RFP), but during the process the city noticed there were drainage issues on the land. After a drainage study was conducted, a third of the lot was mitigated.

Picking back up where it left off, the city released another RFP in February to a group of developers. The City Council and the transit-oriented development (TOD) subcommittee interviewed the respondents, and the sub-committee recommended Texas InTown Homes, LLC to submit an offer.

Kirby Rice, Ltd. has agreed to purchase the land for $1.2 million and is proposing to contract with Texas InTown Homes to build a development with 188 units a variety of housing styles including single-family detached, town homes and live-work units. The TOD subcommittee requested properties north and south of Crosby Road to be integrated into the project through utilizing common streetscape and architecture.

As part of the agreement, sidewalks and streetscapes along Crosby Road toward Interstate Highway 35E will be built to provide an entryway from the highway to the development, officials said. 

Mayor Kevin Falconer described the development as a "shining star" for the city. 

“One of the things I think that resonated with the committee was the urban character (of the development),” Falconer said. “This is not something that’s typical suburban, single-family homes or town homes.

According to a staff memo, the city’s goal for this site has consistently been to create a high quality development that emphasizes sustainability. 

Developers with Kirby Rice, Ltd. emphasized the area is a “walkable urban development,” a development nearby retail and transit centers, encouraging tenants to walk more.

Construction is expected to begin in November 2020 and is expected to be complete in the summer of 2021.

“I think it’s clearly a part of our strategy in this whole TOD area,” said Councilman Steve Babick. “I’m pleased that you’re going to have an opportunity to come into Carrollton.”

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