Carrollton City Council

Carrollton residents can expect to see new townhomes in the city as the Carrollton City Council recently approved a zoning change request to allow for the new development.

A section of land on the northwest corner of Plano Parkway and Charles Street was approved to be changed from medium intensity office to single-family attached residential, giving developers the green light to construct a 24-unit single-family townhouse subdivision on the 3-acre property.

The applicant agreed to provide landscaping along Plano Parkway and along Charles Street including a screen of evergreen trees along the north side of the property. Along Plano Parkway, the applicant agreed to provide an ornamental metal fence with brick or stone columns.

“It’s a very tight property with an unusual shape,” said  chief planner Loren Shapiro. “From our standpoint we felt like this was a good fit just because of where it’s located and as far as having compatibility.”

During the public hearing on the item, resident Susan Hedberg shared her concerns about the townhomes. She said her home backs up to the proposed development.

“My concerns are maintaining the value of our homes,” she said. “With these units coming in … I’m concerned not only about the loss of privacy from the windows that are north facing but also the flow of traffic that’s coming on the south side.”

During the June Planning and Zoning meeting, city staff indicated three public comments were received from property owners within the area about the development. Two were against and one was for.

Some council members suggested using a masonry wall versus an ornamental fence to provide more privacy.

However the council eventually agreed to leave the proposal as presented with the ornamental fence, which the developer said would give more of an open feel to the development.

“I think this is a good plan for this little piece of property,” said Councilman Glen Blanscet. “Overall I think this is a better use of this property than what it would have been as it’s currently zoned."

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