Community members in Carrollton gathered at W.J. Thomas Park in memoriam of the lives lost at the Robb Elementary School shooting earlier this week. 

A candlelight vigil was held, and the names of each of the 19 students reported dead, the two teachers and the husband of one of the slain teachers was read along with their ages. 

Joanna Cattanach also read families' descriptions of each child who died to honor how they lived. 

"We are here to talk about our shared experiences in frustration," Cattanach said. "I thought this would be an appropriate way to do that where we turn off our TV, turn off social media and come here to share together."

An art area called "Handprints and Hearts" was also set up to help attendees process their emotions and create postcards of condolences for the grieving families in Ulvalde.

"As an artist, I kept thinking about their little hands," Kate Hughey, the creator of the art area said. "I want people to know it's okay to be and. It's okay to be angry in order to heal. One way to express emotion is through art."

The vigil also allowed attendees to donate to relief funds for the families of the shooting victims. 

The fundraisers can be found here and here.

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