NTECC Dispatcher

NTECC dispatcher Edwin Green reviews data while waiting to receive 911 calls.

The North Texas Emergency Communications Center (NTECC) is working to upgrade it system, providing more dispatch capabilities to residents of Carrollton, Coppell, Addison and Farmers Branch.

Terry Goswick, NTECC executive director, said the center is planning to go to an all-digital next-generation 911 system.

“We’ve been working very fast and very hard to ensure we have the system moving in the right direction that we need to go,” Goswick said.

The upgrade would give the call center six-way redundancy, meaning six locations can take the center’s calls.

“It would take someone cutting six different sites throughout the U.S. before NTECC stops getting 911 calls. Our infrastructure is built where one of those six could completely carry the entire load of the organization,” Goswick said. “The goal of that is to ensure that never will someone call 911 and not get us.”

Increased location identification would be a benefit, too. Goswick said currently 911 operators get a caller’s GPS coordinates or address from the cell tower they are calling from. With the new system, operators would get location information immediately as a call comes in.

An upgraded system would also allow for increased capabilities such as being able to send in texts, pictures and video to the dispatch center. Goswick said it's not clear if the center will utilize those features since they could possibly violate privacy laws.

NTECC began servicing the Metrocrest area in 2016. Last year, NTECC received a total of 390,713 calls with 147,059 of those coming from Carrrollton.

The center has improved its response times since its inception, with operators answering 98 percent of its calls within 10 seconds. In addition, the center has been utilizing the Rapid SOS technology, which allows a dispatch center to specifically locate where a victim is calling from on a mobile phone, among other features. 

According to Goswick, if the center successfully implements the new system, it will be the first dispatch center in Texas to be an all fiber i3 complaint 911 center.

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