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Carrollton firemen finish laying concrete for ill resident

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Carrollton firemen

Paramedic Andrew Smith works on laying concrete. 

When Richard Phillips began laying concrete in his front yard, he never expected the endeavor would land him in the hospital. Perhaps what shocked him the most was the care he received from a group of Carrollton firemen.

On April 30, Phillips was rolling wheelbarrows of concrete to his yard when he suddenly felt exhausted, dizzy and faint. Emergency services were called, and as crews arrived they noticed that Phillips had a lot of unfinished concrete.

“They told me we’re going to take care of you and we’re going to take care of your concrete,” Philips said.

Responding fireman Captain Greg Brown called for help. One fireman even bought out of his own pocket additional tools to finish the work. While Phillips was in the hospital, about 10 off-duty firemen spent nearly three and a half hours laying the the rest of the concrete.

When Phillips got home that evening, he had quite the surprise waiting for him.

“It looked professional,” he said. “They finished it better than I could have.”

Phillips said he was overwhelmed at their kindness, and he couldn’t believe it.

As for the firemen, the job was another way they could help a resident in need.

“It made us feel good that we could help a citizen out, and it cost us nothing but a little time,” Brown said.

Later that week, Phillips got a chance to meet the men and shake their hands.

“They are very caring individuals,” Phillips said. “They are looking for ways to help, and they are just over the top in everything they do.

Fireman Jeremy Perison said it’s special when they get a chance to talk to someone after an incident.

“It makes you feel great when you make that big of an impact and you don’t realize it," he said. "I think that’s the biggest thing for me is the feeling that you made that much of an impact on somebody.”

Phillips said he’s been singing the men’s praises everywhere he goes. He shared his experience on Facebook, which has garnered hundreds of likes and dozens of comments. He said the firemen took their job to the next level, and he’s grateful for their care. To him, the men are “daily heroes.”

“From my heart, thank you,” he said.

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