Water Sprinkler

In an effort to reduce the amount of water used throughout the city, Carrollton will be piloting a water line flushing program.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Jody Byerly, public works director, gave the council an overview of what the program will look like.

“What we’re wanting to do is partner with our residents who have automatic sprinkler systems and hopefully have them water more, which would cause us to reduce our flushing and maintain consistent quality throughout the month,” Byerly said.

Byerly said the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulates the city’s water utilities department and requires the city to flush its dead end mains once a month.

These dead end mains are at the end of water lines, which are often found in cul-de-sacs. These locations tend to have lower water volumes and, according to city officials, experience more water quality issues. Carrollton has about 430 locations with dead end mains.

To bring the chlorine residuals in these areas back up to an acceptable level, the city flushes the line with a fire hydrant to flush the line. Byerly said this method causes the city to use about a million gallons of water a day to ensure proper water quality.

The pilot program is expected to help the city to not only save water but also maintain water quality.

“We’ve identified about five areas throughout the city that we would like to try this on,” Byerly said. “We’ll get with two to three residents at the end of the cul-de-sacs and pay them a little bit to use a little bit more water.”

Residents who participate in the program will be reimbursed for additional water used and be provided with a free irrigation system audit by a licensed irrigator. During the pilot, the Public Works Department will monitor water quality.

“I’m so proud of … the staff for thinking about this,” Mayor Kevin Falconer.

The pilot program will begin Aug. 1 and will continue through Feb. 29. If it is successful, the city staff will consider bringing back a full program to the council for approval.

"Let’s see what the trial says,” said Councilman Steve Babbick. "If you guys are right and it’s a game changer, I hope we really make a splash out of this."

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