Jake Drew stands outside Hebron High School every morning trying to clear his son’s name of an offense he said his son didn’t commit.

In October, Drew’s 16-year-old son Nathan was accused of consuming THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) outside the school along with two other students. Drew said Hebron officials threatened his son with a drug test and interrogated him.

“When I picked up my son and finally got to talk to him, I was pretty upset like any parent would be,” Drew said.

As a result of the alleged offense, Nathan was punished with a three-day suspension and 30 days in alternative school.

To prove his son’s innocence, Drew had his son take four drug tests including urine and hair follicle tests. All tests came back negative, Drew said. He went through two appeals with Lewisville ISD, but Drew said the tests weren’t taken into consideration.

“When we got to the second level of appeals, we wanted to present our drug test results, but I also wanted to understand the school’s position,” Drew said.

District officials said they could not comment on the specifics of Nathan’s case but gave a statement saying the district will stick by its disciplinary decision.

“Although federal law prohibits us from releasing specific information about this situation, a thorough investigation was conducted, which included statements from several students, and the district stands by the disciplinary consequences applied to all the students involved,” the statement says.

After both appeals were denied, Drew withdrew his son from Hebron and enrolled him at Shepton High School in Plano. There he went through three appeals with Plano ISD. All appeals were denied, but on the fourth appeal, district officials agreed to reverse Nathan’s punishment, allowing him to resume normal classes after winter break.

Even though Nathan’s punishment has been reversed, the offense remains on his record. Drew said he is going through the grievance process with LISD to remove it.

“This has cost us in so many ways, and if LISD doesn’t remove this from his record, it could cause all kinds of crazy implications,” Drew said.

Drew said his son’s tainted record could exclude him from taking part in extracurricular activities and even affect his college applications. During the ordeal, Drew said Nathan was removed from Hebron’s cheer and competitive cheer teams. In addition, Nathan, who Drew said was in AP honors classes, will have to find a way to make up the credits he lost while in alternative school.

Drew said he plans on continuing protesting until his son’s offense is taken off his record. He said he’s considering enrolling his son in private school and even taking legal action.

“This has been very traumatic for our family,” Drew said. “I’m still standing on the side of the road every day, holding a protest sign in front of Hebron High School. That in and of itself is pretty overwhelming.”

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