Carrollton developments

Looking to be a place that families and businesses want to call home, Carrollton is moving forward with several developments expected to grow the city economically.

Recently, the city released news of plans to build large developments like the Trinity Mills Transit Center District and the Thomas Place Development. These projects could mean a lot for the city as it continues to grow and compete with other neighboring cities.

“These and other development efforts work to achieve the Carrollton City Council goals of intentionally encouraging quality new development and strategic re-development as well as maintaining and enhancing the vitality and attractiveness of our community,” said Mayor Kevin Falconer.

The Trinity Mills Transit Center is a mixed-use development expected to have one high-rise office building, a brand-name hotel, several restaurants and multifamily housing. The land is owned by the city and by DART, and the two entered into a partnership to create a single transit-oriented development.

“The city of Carrollton’s TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) objectives are to create sustainable, vibrant, livable districts with a variety of high-density residential, office and retail uses, incorporating enhanced pedestrian amenities and supporting transit ridership,” said Krystle Nelinson, Carrollton development program manager. “Carrollton’s vision for the Trinity Mills Transit Center District is a modern streamlined aesthetic with a vertical, dense, mixed-use development that will create a new vibrant destination for the city and its environs.”

The Carrollton City Council said it would be committed to building transit-oriented developments or buildings that are within walking distance of a train station. The recently approved Thomas Place Development, which is less than half a mile from the downtown DART station, is expected to serve as just that.

“The vision for the site was a high-quality, single-family development – one that emphasizes sustainability and is compatible with the surrounding community. It was the city’s vision that the housing product offered in this development would attract a demographic that will frequently patronize downtown Carrollton,” Nelinson said.

Another factor playing into the construction of TODs and multifamily developments is the ever-growing population of the DFW area.

“The city of Carrollton’s development plan was instituted about 15 years ago by forward-thinking elected officials to provide strategic guidance and policies to current and future development,” said Economic Development Director Thomas Latchem. “The plan is continuously updated and modified to accommodate whatever economic environment exists, and right now, the city’s population is estimated to continue its steady 3-4 percent growth rate in 2018 to nearly 140,000 people.”

In addition to the Trinity Mills and Thomas Place projects the city is working on the third phase of the Union in downtown Carrollton, a $37 million investment consisting of 4,000 square feet of ground-level retail space and a six-level structure parking garage.

While many of these developments seem to happening at once, Latchem said the projects are actually spread out in way to provide measured, steady growth instead of disruptive and sporadic growth.

“This interest by developers and businesses in Carrollton is indicative of the positive momentum they see within our city,” Falconer said. “There is much on the horizon for Carrollton, and we hope our residents and business owners are as excited as we are.”

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