Republic Services

The city of Carrollton and Republic Services will continue its partnership for another five years.

At last week’s meeting the council approved a contract renewal with Republic Services in the amount of $9.1 million for waste collection for residential, apartments and city facilities.

The contract, which begins Oct. 1, includes a 3-percent escalation factor for the city, said Laurie Wilson, city secretary and administrative services director. That’s up from 2.5 percent from the current contract. Wilson said the actual customer rate will be determined in September when the council votes on the fee structure.

Wilson said while some waste contracts build in fuel adjustments or market rate increases based on the state of the recycling market, this contract is a fixed-rate increase.

Council members said the contract gives the city protection.

“Not only do we protect ourselves for five years but we have an additional up to another five years of protection,” Mayor Pro Tem Steve Babick said. “That, coupled with what we did five years ago, has really given us a potential 15-year fiduciary win, if you will, to our residents that was put in place by past councils and we get to carry the ball forward. Environmental concerns, waste and all that are only going to go up. So having a 15-year run under a stellar contract with caps in terms of the year-to-year increase is just a phenomenal job.”

The contract includes the collection of solid waste, recyclables, bulk and brush from single-family residences and collection of solid waste and recycling from city facilities.

At apartment complexes there will be collection of solid waste materials, as well as recycling at the discretion of property management.

The contract renewal will offer more options for recycling at apartments.

“We did a thorough assessment of our services, and what we found was that with the increase in apartments there are a lot of apartment complexes that want premium level services that include a high frequency of collection, compactors and larger containers,” Wilson said. “So one thing that we’re going to do is there is going to be a 10-percent increase for those premium services. For anyone who wants to maintain their current service, for apartments specifically, that’s what will see a 3-percent increase. That 10 percent is just for the first year.”

Falconer said he often gets questions about whether the city is really recycling.

He said the city encourages recycling but said it’s important for residents to recycle properly or those efforts will be wasted. Certain items can’t be recycled, and those that can be must be clean, empty and dry.

Things to avoid are pizza boxes because of the grease, plastic grocery bags since they get caught in the processing machines and bottles and jars with food/sauces still in them.

Go to for a list of what can and can’t be recycled.

“If we’re not diligent about making sure we put recyclables in the recycle bin there is a contamination factor where they can’t recycle that bin,” Falconer said. “That’s when they don’t get recycled. It’s really incumbent on us to ensure we’re getting 100 percent recycling.”

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