The Carrollton City Council ratified an agreement between the city and the Carrollton Regional Medical Center (CRMC) to provide COVID-19 testing to nursing homes and to allow for Rapid First Responder testing. 

City documents state the agreement for services is not to exceed $120,000. 

The city stated that in May 2020, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed statewide testing of all nursing home staff and residents for COVID-19. Carrollton Fire Rescue reached out to the CRMC and an emergency agreement was executed, which the city agreed to reimburse CRMC for the cost of testing. 

The CRMC is to be reimbursed for rapid first responder testing provided to the city for $135 per person tested. The city states this testing provides results within 12 to 24 hours and allows for maintaining critical staff levels for first responders who were not subject to the two-week quarantine. 

However, the contract testing capability will only be needed until the city obtains its own COVID-19 rapid test machine, which has the same accuracy as the current PCR tests used by CRMC. 

Carrollton will pay the CRMC $98,835 for tests completed in nursing homes and $2,700 for first responder rapid testing already completed. The contract authorizes a maximum expenditure of up to $120,000, which would provide an additional $18,465 for rapid first responder testing until the city is able to perform its own tests. 

Payment for this contract will come from the city’s designated COVID-19 account. 

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