Police say a Carrollton man fatally shot his sister’s ex-boyfriend after the victim had confronted the family at their apartment Monday night.

Carrollton police arrested 26-year-old Rene Junior Trinidad at an apartment complex located in the 1600 block of E. Frankford Road after the shooting death of 32-year-old Christopher Michael DiCarlo.

According to an arrest affidavit the shooting took place around 7:15 p.m. The affidavit states that Trinidad told 911 dispatchers that DiCarlo began beating on the family’s door and demanded to speak to Trinidad’s sister, Priscilla Tejeda, who is DiCarlo’s ex-girlfriend.

Tejeda told police she had been in a relationship with DiCarlo for approximately 10 years and said DiCarlo had assaulted her many times during that period, the affidavit states.

She told police when she woke up around 6 p.m. Monday she had several text messages from DiCarlo. The affidavit states Tejeda then sent DiCarlo a screen shot of a conversation she was having with another male friend.

Soon after, DiCarlo showed up at the apartment, where Tejeda, Trinidad and their mother live together.

Tejeda said Trinidad went to open the door and said she heard DiCarlo tell Trinidad that Tejeda “needs to leave him alone and stop messaging him.”

The affidavit states Tejeda told police that DiCarlo then said he was “going to burn down the apartment and start with her daughter.”

Tejeda said she then heard three gunshots and when she ran outside she saw DiCarlo lying face down on the ground, the affidavit states. Tejeda told police she saw “the life leave DiCarlo’s eyes.”

Trinidad confirmed the story, saying he answered the door with a handgun in his hand. He told police DiCarlo was standing 6 to 12 feet from the door and had a large knife in his hand holding it to his side. The affidavit states Trinidad told police when DiCarlo saw the gun he put the knife in his pocket “and told him that he would have to shoot him.” Trinidad told police he then loaded his Glock 22 calbier handgun to scare DiCarlo.

Trinidad told police DiCarlo turned to walk down the stairs while mumbling something.

“Rene Trinidad said he could not understand what DiCarlo was saying but did hear him say something about his grandmother,” the affidavit states. “Rene Trinidad, who was on the second-floor landing, stated he shot DiCarlo to protect this family.”

The affidavit states DiCarlo was already on the ground level when he was shot. When police asked Trinidad why he felt like he needed to shoot DiCarlo at that point, Trinidad said he shot him “so that he would not move” and that he wanted DiCarlo to “stay there so the police could get him.”

Trinidad is currently held in the Carrollton City Jail. His bond is set at $750,000.

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