Mark J Dallalio

Mark J Dallalio has been the pastor at Northside Baptist Church for 35 years.

Everyone achieves a state of happiness through different ways, being with friends and family, prayer and singing to name a few. 

But for Northside Baptist Church Mark J Dallalio, it is all of them combined.

Growing up in a faithful family, Christianity was instilled in Dallalio ever since he was a child. 

“My parents were very sterling examples of what it means to live a Christian faith,” Dallalio said. “It’s really not something I pursued [but] the Lord began to work on my heart changed by direction, and I see it as a calling on my life.”

Dallalio has been leading a group of roughly 350 congregants for a major portion of his life, June 27 marking the 35th year of his services.

On June 27 Northside Baptist Church at 2000 N. Denton Drive in Carrollton, will celebrate the 35th anniversary for Dallalio with special programming. 

Dallalio believes that Christianity gives him a sense of connection and gratitude, inspiring his preaching every day. 

“Everything is our source of hope for eternal life,” Dallalio said. “We found our hope in Jesus Christ who came and took our place. Regardless of who we are, when we go on what our background is, we are separated from God. We live our lives, not only to please glorify His name, but for others to know the good days that He's given us, and they can share and the glory that awaits those in heaven. That's why it's important to us to preach and share the good news of Christ.”

As a pastor, Dallalio has helped his community tremendously. According to Northside Baptist Church event planner Beth Banning, Dallalio has been a significant factor in creating a good relationship with her daughter. 

“When my daughter became a teenager, we were in great conflict with one another,” Banning said. “I told my brother [Dallalio] and said, ‘I need help’. And it did not take 15 minutes before brother Mark had lovingly told her how to behave and told her how to honor her mother; it was a turning point in her life. She was a difficult teenager, but after that, she turned around and she became responsible and loving and very respectful. And I attribute that to Brother [Dallalio], and his wise counsel.”

Connecting with his community members is equally as important to Dallalio as conducting his services. North Baptist conducts many fundraisers to give back to children with health risks, and conduct food drives to offer free food to the community. Along with being a pastor, Dallalio has also been the head of the coach’s outreach at Newman Smith High School for 15 years. 

“He's very involved in the community,” Banning said. “He has our community on his mind all the time. “Whatever we can do to assist our community to love our community, he is willing to do that, and he's very good at that.”

And while his tenure has been lengthy Dallalio doesn’t plan on stopping his journey anytime soon. 

“I don't see myself ever not being in the ministry,” Dallalio said. “I would say as long as the Lord gives us a vision, and the ability to do so we'll continue pursuing that role, always seeking to serve people and seeking to make a difference in people's lives. We live in a hurting world, people are confused, they're having extreme difficulties. And we want to make sure that they're there to help provide the hope and the peace that only God can provide.”

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