Yarn crafters

Aeda Wirth and Jackie Lawrence are yarn crafters.

You may not think a cross fit enthusiast would do yarn crafts as a hobby, but the Craft Yarn Council (CYC), and organization based in Carrollton, is starting a new campaign to show the community how anyone can knit.

The CYC represents the leading yarn companies in the yarn industry. For more than 35 years the council has sponsored a wide range of promotional and educational programs, and each year it engages in campaigns to promote yarn crafts. This year, the council decided to shift their public relations campaign from the crafts themselves to the people behind them.

“We want to showcase that there’s a lot of different types of yarn crafters. That it’s not your grandmother’s craft anymore,” said Jenny Bessonette, executive director. “We also want to showcase that there’s all different types of yarn crafts. It’s not just knitting and crocheting, it’s weaving, it’s punch needle, there’s so many different things you can do with yarn crafts. It’s not just with hooks and needles.”

The campaign will launch with a video that features five people who each have unique stories about what got them into the craft.

“We interviewed about 20 and from that narrowed it down to five who we thought would represent a good variety of different types of people who are into yarn crafting, but they do other things as well, and they’re somebody you’d least expect to yarn,” Bessonette said.

Bessonette said the campaign is intended to make yarn crafting approachable for everyone, and hopefully crafters in the video will inspire viewers to try it themselves.

“We’re just kinda breaking down the stereotype of what people view a crafter is, and we’re hoping people will see it and say ‘I can really relate to that person in some way,’” Bessonette said. “It’s just neat when you find those people and just hear about their stories and why they do it. It’s fun and it creates conversation.”

The Humans that Yarn will launch on Sept. 4.

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