Carrollton Police Vehicle

What began as a call to Carrollton police from a concerned resident ended up being a light-hearted moment for an officer.

Around 1:43 p.m. Tuesday a resident called 911 to report a man walking behind her house with a “long hunting type gun,” which made the resident feel uncomfortable, said Jolene DeVito, spokeswoman for the Carrollton Police Department.

“When officer arrived, he found a man in the area who had a net trying to catch a chicken that was being chased by a coyote,” DeVito said.

DeVito said police receive calls about people carrying guns frequently, and even though it’s legal to carry a gun in public in Texas, officers still respond to check out the scene.

DeVito said fortunately in this case it was nothing more than a Good Samaritan trying to help out a chicken.

“Sadly, the officer did not actually capture the pursuit on his body camera,” DeVito said, “but he did have a nice chat with the gentleman.”

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