Marie Diaz has been a successful entrepreneur for most of her adult life. Her career endeavors have included three Latin Bistros restaurants, a med spa called Bienestar Mia, which she runs with a friend, Pursuit of Excellence, which offers a full scope of human resource services (for which she has received national recognition), and Pawsitive Perspectives, a line of coffee table books and products offer that inspiration through her two Yorkies, Romeo and Juliet.

The North Texas author and guest speaker says that while some of her careers may seem to differ from each other, one thing ties them together – making a better you. Below Diaz shares her path to success and how she helps others achieve the same.

What types of challenges have you faced in becoming an entrepreneur?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years and have owned and operated several businesses. Some were successful and some weren’t. I live by the motto: “Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.’ Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But through time as you learn and move forward you start fine-tuning the knife that you have and figure out what your core competencies are. And for me it’s always been helping others succeed. So the premise of who I am in anything that I do is based on the greatest part of this concept that inspires people to be greater than they are, to lead and motivate others and to help others achieve their goals in whatever my entrepreneur spirit is, I want to be doing just that. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel around the world and hear people’s stories, much to the reason I started the “What If Show With Marie” podcast.

How did Bienestar Mia come about?

I’m really a partner in it, and it’s my friend’s business. She loves to help people, and we’re like-minded that way. Bienestar Mia is not just about stem cell therapy, which is a regenerative process to which helps our patients and clients heal organically, we do stem cell injections, which heals the body from the inside, and then we also have topicals to help with the skin on the outside. It’s not just cosmetics. We want to teach people to have a healthy lifestyle. And that’s our commitment. Bienestar Mia is a Spanish name, and what it means in English is “total wellness” med spa. We have programs with wellness treatment to help customers be happier, healthier versions of themselves.

What makes Bienestar Mia unique?

We have expert fitness and wellness coordinators that manage and train from their experience. We have health educators, fitness instructors, so it’s not just on the outside. We’re focused on the inside, too. Not just with the mind, body, soul concept but we also have the clinical side. And that’s with the stem cell therapy and some of the other things that we do.

How successful that model has been?

We do the esthetician work, we have skin care, we have IV treatment, we have an autonomic nervous system testing machine that helps identify with individuals what exactly is wrong with them. The nervous system test can help determine if you have anything wrong inside your body. You have to fix the inside before you can fix the outside. What’s on the outside, the skin, is the biggest organ in the body. But what you’re doing on the inside affects the outside. Our goal is to have a lifestyle wellness counseling session that helps them identify what they want. So we take a consultative approach, not just a cosmetic approach.

Tell us about Pursuit of Excellence

That’s where I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many leaders. Pursuit of Excellence’s vision was to be the resource that exemplifies not just servant leaders, thought leaders and faith leaders but to help leaders impact others positively, thereby impacting their communities and families. Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Pursuit of Excellence has allowed me to travel around the globe, not just to meet great leaders but through 25 years of my experience I have taught and executed methods used by successful people to have unique success strategies exclusive to those who choose and want to be great at what they do.

What do you teach when you speak to people about leadership?

The most powerful thing on Earth is a concept or idea that inspires someone to be greater than they are. And the only way you can lead and motivate others is to lead and motivate yourself first. Individuals follow leaders, they don’t products or services. So what does success mean in a well-rounded life? Once you identify what your mission is it’s easier to choose a path that’s more successful, so it’s really a mindset. If you have a mindset of growth and positivity that alone will get you through most things. At the end of the day, success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.

Tell us about Pawsitive Perspectives.

It’s a coffee table book. I put this out there during COVID because SPCA shut down and people weren’t taking care of their pets. This was really to create awareness that these animals still needed homes, too. Just because SPCA was closed didn’t mean we can’t come together as a community. It’s another way that I use a voice for positive statements in all my blogs. They have their voice, too.

In some ways all of your careers are tied together.

When you intentionally live you have a purpose. And my purpose has always been to be a preeminent resource that exemplifies leadership. To do that you have to be a servant leader, which is serving others. If I’m serving people, I’m going to serve greatness ... in my coffee, in my food, in the wellness center. Entrepreneurs build jobs, we build communities, we build products and services that help others. And that has to start at the mind first.

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