Operation Kindness

The funds raised from Giving Day will provide medical care for the many animals at Operation Kindness.

This year’s North Texas Giving Day brought in record donations as North Texans gave over $50.1 million to 2,988 nonprofits.

According to North Texas Giving Day representatives, more than 169,000 donations came in from 50 states and 25 countries.

“The heart and soul of North Texas truly shined today as one of the most generous and charitable cities in the world,” said Dave Scullin, president and CEO of Communities Foundation of Texas in a release. “This year we set out to really grow the power of giving, and we are thrilled that we were able to grow the numbers of donors as well as the amount raised."

Carrollton-based Operation Kindness came in 10th place on the leader board for the most received donations. The organization received 1,593 donations totaling $223,263.

Natalie Buxton, director of marketing and communications, said it was incredible to receive so much support.

“We’re always overwhelmed by the generosity that the community shows,” she said. “… The life saving work we do is not possible without our donors and volunteers.”

Buxton said the funds raised will specifically be used to provide food, lifesaving care and shelter for dogs and cats.

Warm Up America exceeded its goal of $2,000 and raised a total of $3,005. The donations will help the nonprofit to send hats, scarves and blankets to patients at Parkland Hospital. Sarah Guenther-Moore, public relations coordinator, said the organization hopes to increase the number of patients it can serve as well as find more organization to partner with.

“We are so excited that we were able to exceed our goal by 50 percent in our first year, and we're so grateful to everyone who donated,” she said.

Bea’s Kids, a Carrollton nonprofit focusing on providing education to children from low-income families, didn’t reach its goal of $6,000, but the effort to get donations was not in vain.

“North Texas Giving Day allowed us to show that we’re still here,” said Mari Rubio, executive director. “Next year, we’re taking advantage of all that North Texas Giving Day has to offer, looking for donor matches, being more visible in the community and spreading the word as much as we can.

Started in 2009 by Communities Foundation of Texas, the one-day event is an 18-hour giving spree in which members of the community donate to a nonprofit of their choice. According the North Texas Giving Day website, the event is designed to empower every person to give back to their community. The event has steadily grown every year. Since its inaugural event, more than $290 million has been raised for local nonprofits.

Final donation numbers are still under review, and updated totals are expected to be available after Oct. 31.

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