Jose Ramiro Lugo-Martinez

Jose Ramiro Lugo-Martinez

A Carrollton man is charged with murder after police say he shot another man at a party after an argument broke out between the two.

According to police, Jose Ramiro Lugo-Martinez, 25, of Carrollton shot Efrain Dominguez-Hernandez, 28, of Carrollton in the chest with a revolver Sunday night around 2:23 a.m. at a private party in an apartment unit at 1506 School Road.

Dominguez-Hernandez was later pronounced dead at Las Colinas Medical Center of Irving. After the shooting, Lugo-Martinez and several other party goers fled the scene, police said.

Witnesses identified Lugo-Martinez as the shooter, and Carrollton Police found him at his residence at 2050 Keller Springs Road on Monday night. He was taken into custody without incident.

Jolene DeVito, spokesperson for the Carrollton Police Department, said police don’t believe the two men knew each other directly. She said police don’t have any specifics on what led to the argument, but witnesses said the disagreement seemed to involve the victim’s brother.

“The best we could determine is the victim was upset and telling everyone to leave his brother alone,” DeVito said. “Exactly what that means, we don’t know.”

Lugo-Martinez was booked into the Carrollton City Jail, and then transferred to the Dallas County Jail. His bond has not yet been set. 

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