Craig Cox

Craig Cox 

Craig Cox remembers hearing about Celina sports when he was a high school student in The Colony. Now, he’s the president of the Celina Quarterback Club, which was established in 1953 and today supports all of Celina ISD’s athletic endeavors.

When did you first move to Celina?

I moved to Celina in 2015. We decided to rent a house just to kind of scout out the area. I remember Celina football from when I was a student. When we moved here, I said “Hey, you want to experience high school football, let’s go get involved with Celina sports.” That whole season was just so magical and hooked us right from the very beginning. I knew that this was where we needed to be, because it satisfied and told me inside that my love for high school football, my love to get behind the players and to have the community come together, Celina filled all that. 

What are your thoughts on your new role? 

It’s an honor. It’s an honor and a privilege, and sometimes I pinch myself, I can’t believe it. I started way back when in 2016 and 2015 going to Quarterback Club meetings and volunteering, just volunteering to cook, get up at 3 a.m. and cook for the breakfast that we used to do down at the old junior high, that’s where we used to meet, and volunteering to hand out game day programs before every home game. That’s what it’s all about. It’s all about serving your community. Any way that I can do that. As a Marine and honestly, you try to be like your lord and savor, Jesus Christ. He is here to serve. I am here to serve, too. I’m not looking for anything in return, man. I am so proud and honored to hold this position, because I bleed orange.

What are some goals you have as president?

So my number one goal, since being a part of Celina Quarterback Club, is to bring the parents from all stages, not just high school, I want dads from all stages, I want dads from elementary school, I want dads from junior high, to get involved with the Quarterback Club. That’s primary. Secondary is I want people to understand that Celina Quarterback Club is not a football club. We are the booster club for Celina ISD sports. We make sure that every sport is satisfied if they have any request.  

Can you tell me how the club has changed over time? 

All it was was farmers back in the days, and they said “Hey, I’ve got some eggs, I’ve got some bacon, let’s get together and talk about the football team. Hey, you know what, they need some new jerseys, let’s everybody pass the hat and pitch in.” And that’s how it started. But it really just exploded with our 68 wins in a row from 1998 to 2001, and what I mean (by) “exploded” was the coming together with the men of the players, the dads, they come together, and from that point, when they come together and they get on the same page and they get behind this team and they get behind our coach and they’re on board with everything we’re doing, it spreads through the community. 

Are you a Texas native? 

Absolutely. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life not counting the years I served in the Marine Corps. 

What is your favorite area restaurant?  

I think we frequent Bongo Beaux a lot. I can’t forget Tender. We go to Tender a lot, too. 

Do you have a favorite movie? 

“Friday Night Lights.” All day, every day. I’ve read the book three times. The movie doesn’t do the book any justice, but I like the movie. 

Can you tell our readers something about you that they would never guess to be true? 

I like smoking cigars. Maybe people don’t know that, because I hate smoking in general, but I love a good cigar.

This interview has been edited for print publication. 

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