Athletes staying fit from home during outbreak

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Celina weight room

The Celina weight room is off limits for students while campuses across the state remain shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Week Two with no high school sports being played across the state is now in the books, as players, parents and coaches hold onto hope that games can be salvaged this spring.

As of now, the earliest date the UIL has set for contests to return is May 4, but in the meantime, team practices and workouts are not permitted.

This means athletes are not allowed to utilize school weight rooms, fields or tracks for any reason whatsoever, while coaches and students are also prohibited from meeting in person. This has added extra challenges for both coaches and players alike in the hopes of not only keeping athletes in shape in case the springtime sports return in May, but for also the football players that are routinely practicing during the summer months.

In the meantime, coaches have been sending their players various workouts they can do from anywhere without any weights, ranging from different types of pushups, squats, running and core exercises.

“We’re communicating with the kids and encouraging them to do the workouts,” said Adam Naron, Reedy offensive coordinator and head powerlifting coach. “We’ll post them through Hudl, email them out and put them on the team Twitter account. As far as them doing it, we’ve taken the approach of making sure the kids have what they need. There are no boxes to check, but we have a really good perspective on this as a staff right now.”

Others in the area like Celina head football coach Bill Elliott have even created at-home workouts for not just the football players, but also athletes in all sports in Celina from 7th-12th grade.

“It’s stuff that they know and understand,” Elliott said. “Most of them grew up in our program so they know. I’ve also told parents to email me what they have and I’ll design a personal program for what you have at home.”

If kids have certain equipment such as squat racks, bench press or dumbbells at home, they are highly encouraged to utilize those during this time.

As far as making sure athletes are taking part in these recommended workouts, it is totally up to the kids but many have posted their training on social media or sent them directly to their respective coaches.

“We’re fortunate because our kids work hard and a lot of kids have been out working out and doing the right things,” Elliott said. “We have a lot of kids that know if they sit around and do nothing during this they’ll be in trouble when we get back. When it comes down to it, I know the kids that will, and I know the kids that will just sit around and eat bonbons all week.”

Another factor coming into play is not only making sure athletes from the spring sports are staying fit in case action returns in May, but also making sure football players don’t lose too much of their strength gains made during the offseason.

“The biggest thing we’ll have a drop off from when they get back is strength gains,” Naron said. “We’re trying to keep the kids from going out and running miles on miles and focusing more on things that can build and maintain strength. We want them to go out and do something that’s productive for that, and from a football coach’s perspective, we’re focusing on those functional workouts.”

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