Prosper ISD athletic director Valerie Little

Prosper ISD athletic director Valerie Little and her staff face added challenges in the hiring processes for Rock Hill High School during coronavirus outbreak.

School districts across the state are faced with a massive dilemma of not only possibly losing the rest of the athletics year, but also the rest of the school year as a whole.

In Prosper, there remains hope that students could return to campus within the coming months, as well as salvage athletics, while coaches and players remain in heavy contact while they are prohibited to meet in person due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“With the way technology is, our staff and students are staying in contact with each other,” said Valerie Little, Prosper ISD athletic director. “It’s not that face-to-face conversation, but they’re sending each other videos and still able to interact. One thing we have asked all of our coaches to do is to set up Google Classroom. I worry about that more than anything; our kids pulling back and getting in their own world and not being engaged with them.”

On top of the obvious struggles that go along with that, Little and her staff in Prosper ISD also face the added stress of gearing up to open Rock Hill High School in August.

Fortunately, the all head coaches for next season at Rock Hill have been hired with former Lone Star offensive coordinator Mark Humble leading

the way as head football coach and campus coordinator.

However, various assistant coaching positions are still left to be filled and the hiring process during this time of promoted social distancing and limiting travel means more video interviews and homework to be done for Little in the hiring process.

“We will not meet anyone in person unless a restriction gets lifted, and it is awkward if you have never interviewed in person,” she said. “To me, what you have to do is more of the due diligence about calling their references. We’re about to have five online interviews this week, and we are still just rolling.”

Not only is the hiring process going to be a different experience in the coming weeks and possibly months, other factors such as ordering athletic equipment for Rock Hill could provide another inconvenience.

“We’re thinking about how we’re going to get uniforms done and if we’re going to be able to get that shipped to us in time,” Little said. “If we’re getting that stuff from factories that have been shut down, we’re not receiving any of that equipment. We do know that we’re going to make it work no matter what. If we don’t have the equipment in time, we’ll borrow it from our other schools and won’t stop us from starting back in August.”

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