Details for LEGAL NOTICE City of McKinney, Texas Advertisement for Proposals for


LEGAL NOTICE City of McKinney, Texas Advertisement for Proposals for The Construction of Town Center Infrastructure Improvements Proposal #20-31CSP The City of McKinney is accepting sealed Proposals for the Town Center Infrastructure Improvements project, Project No. CO4238. Proposals will be accepted until 2:00 PM on Thursday, April 16, 2020, (Closing Time) in the office of the Procurement Services Manager, 1550-D South College, McKinney, Texas 75069. Any Proposal received after Closing Time will be returned unopened. Electronic copies of Plans, Specifications and other proposed Contract Documents will be available for download from the City of McKinney eBid portal ( The receipt of electronic solicitations through any other means may result in your receipt of incomplete specifications and/or addendums which could ultimately render your proposal non-compliant. The City of McKinney accepts no responsibility for the receipt and/or notification of solicitations through any other means. Proposal documents downloaded from plan rooms or third-party websites shall be at the Proposers sole risk. No guarantee of receipt of addenda or clarifications will be made for third-party downloads. Hard copies of Plans, Specifications and other proposed Contract Documents are also available for purchase at Civil Consulting Group, 1575 Heritage Drive, Suite 308; McKinney, Texas 75069. Contract Documents, including Plans and Specifications, may be acquired from that office upon receipt of $500.00 per full size set (22 x 34), $250.00 per half size set (11 x 17), $50.00 per CD (plans and specifications), which is nonrefundable, for each set of plans and specifications, payable to Civil Consulting Group. Trevor Castilla, P.E. may be reached with general questions at (972) 569-9193 or Please provide 24 hour notice when ordering hard copies of plans and specifications. A NON-MANDATORY Pre-Proposal Teleconference is scheduled for 10:00 AM on Thursday, April 9, 2020, via Skype meeting at 1-214-250-5934, conference ID: 53182372. Representatives of the Owner and Engineer will be present to discuss the Project. The Engineer will distribute to prospective Proposers of record such Addenda as the Engineer considers necessary in response to discussions or inquiries arising from the teleconference. Each Proposal submitted shall be accompanied by an acceptable Proposers surety bond or a bid guaranty in the form of a certified check or cashiers check made payable to the City of McKinney in an amount not less than 5% of the greatest possible total amount of the Proposal submitted as a guarantee that, if awarded the contract, the Proposer will enter into a Contract and execute all necessary bonds and provide evidence of all required insurance coverage. All Proposers security will be retained until a contract has been awarded and executed. The successful Proposer shall furnish performance and payment bonds in the amount of 100% of the contract sum as well as evidence of all required insurance coverage within ten (10) calendar days of notice of award. The successful Proposer shall also furnish a Maintenance Bond in the amount of 15% of the contract sum covering defects of material and workmanship for two calendar years following the Citys approval and acceptance of the construction. An approved surety company, licensed in the State of Texas, shall issue all bonds in accordance with Texas law. Recent revisions to the Texas Insurance Code prohibit the inclusion of broad-form indemnityprovisions and additional insured insurance coverage requirements in many types of contracts. However, that legislation also excluded certain types or classes of contracts from these prohibitions. One of those types or classes of contracts that are excluded from the prohibitions against broad-form indemnity provisions and additional insured insurance coverage requirements is contracts related to a public works project of a municipality like this project. Please note that the successful Proposer will be required to provide broad-form indemnification to the City as specifically allowed by Section 151.105 of the Texas Insurance Code as this contract is related to a public works project of a municipality. In addition, the successful Proposer will be required to provide the City with additional insured coverage as allowed by Sections 151.104 and 151.105 of the Texas Insurance Code again because this contract is related to a public works project of a municipality. Proposals are to be addressed to the Procurement Services Manager and shall be marked SEALED PROPOSAL Town Center Infrastructure Improvements, Proposal No. 20-31CSP on the outside of the envelope. The City reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals and to waive any or all informalities in Proposals received, deemed to be in the best interest of the City. In case of ambiguity or lack of clearness in stating prices in the Proposal, the City reserves the right to accept the most advantageous construction thereof to the City or to reject the Proposal. No officer or employee of the City of McKinney shall have a financial interest, direct or indirect, in any contract with the City of McKinney. No Proposal may be withdrawn until after the expiration of 90 calendar days from the date Proposals are opened. The City of McKinney cannot guarantee that any Proposals sent priority mail will be picked up from the post office by City employees and delivered to the Procurement Services Department by the Closing Time. It is recommended that Proposal deliveries be made either in person or via an alternate delivery method ensuring delivery to the physical address. Proposer bears full responsibility for ensuring the Proposal is delivered to the specified location by the Closing Time. The mere fact that a Proposal was dispatched will not be considered. This publication can be made available upon request in alternative formats, such as, Braille, large print, audiotape or computer disk. Requests can be made by calling (972) 547-2694 (Voice) or e-mail Please allow at least 48 hours for your request to be processed. PLEASE SUBMIT THREE (3) COPIES OF YOUR PROPOSAL, ONE (1) ORIGINAL AND TWO (2) COPIES, AS WELL AS ONE (1) ELECTRONIC COPY IN PDF FORMAT ON CD OR USB. PDF COPY MUST INCLUDE THE SIGNED PROPOSAL.


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