Joann Mester

Joann Mester 

Joann Mester has been using Cannabidiol (CBD) oil for a year now and the new Coppell resident desires to share her experience with others. Mester said the oil has many benefits, which has helped her overcome an alcohol addiction. She hopes that others will try the oil and desires to help people who might suffer from pain or anxiety. Mester recently opened up a CBD America Shaman store in Coppell.

How long have you lived in Coppell?

We are brand new. We’ve been here for about six weeks now.

How do you like the community so far?

It’s been great. People have been really welcoming, and it’s a really awesome community.

How did you get involved with using CBD oil?

I started using it about a year ago. I actually went through recovery from drinking, and I needed another way to deal with my anxiety. I started doing some research to find a natural alternative that was non-intoxicating, and I found CBD. It really does wonders for me, and it inspired me to share that with others.

What are some are misconceptions people have about CBD oil?

I think the biggest one is people think that it’s intoxicating. I think that’s one large misconception. Another misconception is that it’s only safe for adults. It’s actually a great alternative for children and pets and animals as well.

What do you tell people who might have reservations about using it?

I think the biggest thing is just educating them on what it is. Explaining that CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but it’s extracted so it’s not going to include the THC side of the plant. Another thing we explain is our  endocannabinoid system has receptors that the CBD is attracted to, and that’s why it’s so beneficial to our bodies.

What do you hope they gain from it?

I hope is that they give it a try. You never know until you try it, and everyone’s body is different. My hope is that they stay consistent with it, and that it relieves symptoms people are looking for it to relieve. Most of the time it’s pain, anxiety or stress.

 What’s your favorite movie?

I love the movie “Almost Famous.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

I do enjoy exercising, and I love the outdoors. So anything like hiking or paddle boarding related.

If you could travel the world, what would you first three destinations be?

New Zealand, Bali and maybe Ireland.

What are some things that make your day better?

I enjoy drinking tea. Friends and family, they always make the day better.

What’s your guilty pleasure.

Sweets for sure.

What are you most looking forward to in the next five years?

I’m just looking forward to getting more active in the community. I want to continue to help people with recovery and help people with anxiety. 

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