Friends, family and community members came to support Jacqueline Durand in her journey toward recovery.

Durand’s neighbors organized a barbecue fundraiser to help alleviate her medical expenses after being attacked by dogs on Dec. 23.

“I spent 60 days in the hospital, and I had gone through 16 surgeries to date,” Durand said. “Recovery has been a struggle, but my mom helps with my face care and my dogs are my therapy. My message is to spread hope and awareness of knowing your pets and communicating that with visitors.”

One of Durand’s neighbors said he and some of the members of the homeowner’s association banded together to help support the Durand family while Jacqueline recovered.

What started as a small community barbecue became a larger fundraiser, as members of the city, first responders and Coppell ISD joined to help support Durand. Cars lined up at Andrew Brown Park to purchase barbecue and donate proceeds to Durand’s medical expenses.  

Mark and Donna Barron, pitmasters for Karma Cue, served barbecue to donors as they drove by. Elected officials including Mayor Wes Mays and Council Member Don Carroll donated to Durand’s fundraiser.

“The event was a huge success,” Campbell said after the event.

Volunteers helped raise around $17,000 for Jacqueline's recovery. Karma Cue raised an additional $4,000 to fund the event in the weeks leading up, Campbell said. 

“It's not much when considering the road that Jacqueline has ahead of her,” he said. “But the biggest reward was seeing Jacqueline and her family smile all day surrounded by a community that loves them.” 

Those who wish to donate to helping the Durand family with Jacqueline’s medical expenses can find an online fundraiser here.

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