Coppell ISD is requesting three class size waivers this year, a significant drop from last year’s request of 60 waivers.

Officials are crediting the decrease to a successful boundary realignment process, which the district underwent last school year.

Kristen Streeter, assistant superintendent for administrative services, said the realignment’s purpose was to decide which students and neighborhoods would attend which schools, maintain neighborhood schools, maximize the use and size of district facilities and staff schools in the most efficient manner.

“... Prior to boundary realignment typically the number of waivers in a district tends to increase each year, and we saw this trend in Coppell for several years,” Streeter said.

In addition, Canyon Ranch, the district’s newest elementary school, has allowed more space to house students from the growing southern area of the district.

“I think we owe a lot of this to our community for approving the bond that allowed us to build a new elementary school,” said Trustee David Caviness. “That has allowed us to have smaller class sizes district-wide.”

The state requires the district to apply for waivers if at any grade level in grades kindergarten through four the classes exceed a ratio of 22 students to one teacher.

Three CISD classes fall into this category – third grade at Mockingbird Elementary and third and fourth grades at Valley Ranch Elementary.

Streeter noted that these classes are not exceeding the state requirement by more than one student. She said the district staff felt requesting the three waivers was the right decision to allow students to attend their neighborhood school and to keep siblings together.

“We certainly appreciate the fact with the additional capacity we’ve been able to go from 60 to three (waivers). “I think all the trustees here really appreciate the fact we’ve worked so hard to make sure there’s good balance out there,” said Thom Hulme, board president.

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