Family Feud

Kruxia Funa (third from left) and her family won more than $40,000 on Family Feud. 

Cottonwood Creek Elementary teacher Krixia Funa and her family snagged more than $40,000 and a brand new Jeep after a successful run on the "Family Feud" game show.

Competing as the Bautista family, Funa, her sister and three cousins won all five rounds of the competition and walked away with an experience Funa said she’ll never forget.

“My cousins and I grew up together here. It was really was just the five of us for the longest time,” Funa said. “I think the best thing that came out of it was that we were almost forced to spend time together as adults, and (I got) to really get to know my cousins again.”

The journey to "Family Feud" began with the family filming a YouTube audition video in July 2018, which landed them a chance to compete for a spot on the show at an open audition in Austin.

After hearing they were selected as contestants, the family got to work, practicing every couple of months from November until filming began in April. Their episode recently aired in September.

From filming on a small set to having the audience within arm's length, Funa said the pressure was intense.

“When you watch those people who give those not-so-smart answers, I understand why,” she said.

The competition went well for the family until the fourth round. Funa said her family had zero points on the board and were convinced there was no way they could make it.

When their competitors failed to get all the answers for the final question, the Bautista family had a chance to “steal,” and their answer got them back on the board. The two teams went to sudden death, and Funa’s cousin Trey won the round for the team.

A shining moment for the team was when Trey grabbed 192 points on the first round of Fast Money, just eight points away from securing the $20,000 bonus. Funa followed after and racked up an additional 21 points with her first answer.

The family won’t receive their winnings until later this year, but the group already has plans to use the money to give back to their grandfather.

“We mostly want to do something for our grandpa,” Funa said. “The whole reason we were even able to be this close is because of him.”

Now that the experience is over, Funa said her time on "Family Feud" will be one of her favorite memories to look back on.

“The money’s going to leave, but we’re never going to be able to have that experience again,” she said. “Just the five of us.”

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