Alex Truax

Alex Truax

Coppell Native begins career in US Navy

Alex Truax is a Coppell native and ensign in the US Navy. He graduated from officer candidate school on Thursday. He graduated from New Tech High School before attending the University of Texas at Arlington. He joined the Civil Engineering Collegiate Program for the Navy during his junior year. After graduating, he joined the Navy. 

How long have you been in Coppell?

My family has been in Coppell my entire life, so 23 years, but I think they've been there longer than that. 

What was your experience growing up in Coppell?

I had a good experience. I had really enjoyed going to New Tech High. I felt like I was really able to use the program they offered there with the project-based learning and really get to know my facilitators and the other learners at the school, and it really set me up well for my time in college. 

What's your favorite childhood memory?

I think one of my favorite childhood memories is between my middle school and high school years, I was able to go to a place called Beaumont Scout Reservation with the Boy Scouts. We backpacked probably seven to eight miles. That was a lot of fun getting to know the people in my crew of about 10 really well and do some cool things we never thought we'd be able to do -- climb a bunch of mountains and have a lot of fun in the woods. 

What was your favorite place to go to in Coppell?

My friends and I liked to go see movies at the Cinemark Movies 8 -- the dollar theater. They closed that a couple years ago.

What brought you to the University of Texas in Arlington?

I was at the University of North Texas before I found out about the OCS program. One of my friends talked about what I can do with my degree, and I always wanted to go into the military or something else with public service. They brought up officer candidate school, and that night, I instantly changed my major to engineering and changed schools because UNT doesn't offer civil engineering, and I contacted a recruiter pretty soon after. The UTA engineering program is really good. They really try to have the latest technology. It was a really great experience being at UTA getting to learn from so many professionals in my degree. 

What brought you to join the Navy?

I think the opportunities to use my civil engineering degree as well as the fact that the civil engineering provides for not only the Navy but the Marine Corps as well. It gives better opportunity than some of the other branches of the military to have geodiversity in where I'll be serving and the people I'll be working with. 

What are your goals?

I'm definitely going to be working toward my professional engineering license. I'm going to need that in a couple of years if I want to get promoted in the Navy. I look forward to a long career in the Navy.

What has been your favorite aspect so far?

Since I became an officer candidate in my last phase of learning, being able to talk with the staff members and get mentored from them and get their years of experience is really great. 

What are some of your hobbies?

In High School, I did a lot of filming -- making movies and stuff like that. In college, I worked with a performing arts center, and I was able to do some theatrical lighting. That was my hobby, but I got paid for it on the side. 

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