It's Time Texas

Coppell hopes to regain the first-place title for the challenge this year. Residents are encouraged to join the help gain points. 

For the sixth year, Coppell is participating in the It’s Time Texas Community Challenge in hopes of taking home the top prize.

The eight-week challenge encourages communities across the state to work toward living a healthy lifestyle. During the challenge, community members complete a number of healthy tasks, such as riding a bike or taking a walk, that gives them points. At the end of the challenge, the communities with the most points win. 

Coppell has taken first place for several years, but since it was classified as a mid-sized city, it has struggled to stay on top. 

“For the last two years, Coppell has been competing in a new category of medium-sized cities ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 residents,” said Sally McCurdy, challenge coordinator and Living Well in Coppell co-chairwoman. “We are on the small side of this category, but we are mighty. We need everyone's help to demonstrate our dedication to wellness in our community.”

McCurdy said the group is jumping in early this year and asking people to pre-register for the challenge through December. She said bonus points are awarded for registrations before the official start of the challenge in January. 

When the challenge begins, participants will begin to take steps toward increasing their health and wellness. McCurdy said some simple ways participants can earn points is through drinking more water and tracking water consumption on the app, taking a walk, tracking workouts, or submitting a photo of friends and family completing a healthy activity together. 

McCurdy said Coppell could win with the help of the community. She encourages everyone to sign up for the challenge and invite friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to join in. 

“Coppell won the challenge the first three years that we participated and earned over $5,000 for health and wellness initiatives in our schools and our community,” McCurdy said. “Some of these funds were used to support the development of our school gardens and for social wellness and mental health initiatives.  We have the opportunity to win again with your help.”

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