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Coppell ISD temporarily transferred Coppell High School and the 9th Grade Campus to remote learning on Wednesday.

Because the two campuses hold the highest numbers of positive COVID-19 cases and quarantined students, the district and Dallas County Health and Human Services deemed it best to shift to online learning to mitigate the virus’ spread.

“It was a combination of the number of cases at each campus as well as the number of quarantines in addition to us having a hard time providing substitutes to provide instruction to both campuses due to the number of staff also in quarantine,” Director of Communications Amanda Simpson said. “There is no magic number of cases that you have to reach to do this. While these campuses are our most populated and have our highest numbers of cases, it was mostly a combination of those three factors.”

Simpson said that as of Nov. 11, Coppell ISD had 44 in-person student cases at Coppell High School and 11 at CHS9. They also had four staff members at Coppell High School and two staff members at CHS9 who tested positive.

The remote learning is scheduled to take place from Thursday to Nov. 18.

Teachers and administration encouraged Coppell High School and 9th Grade Campus students to take home any necessary materials for remote learning.

Volleyball games and outdoor band competitions will still continue in person throughout the five-day period.

“We're not immune. Cases are on the rise nationally, state-wide and county-wide,” Simpson said. “What we are finding is that these cases are not being spread in the school. They're being spread outside of the school for the most part. This is the time to be remote and not have social gatherings or hang out with friends or do things that the health department does not recommend. This is the time to be at home and learn, so our cases go down and everyone stays safe.”

The schools will offer free meals to students who sign up at the campuses between noon and 1 p.m.

While students and staff engage in remote learning, the campuses will undergo deep cleaning over the five-day period.

The Texas Education Agency allowed districts a five-day window of fully remote learning with no impact to their funding. However, at the end of the five days, districts must once again provide an in-person school option for families.

Coppell’s New Tech High and Victory Place will continue to offer in-person learning, as well as their middle and elementary school campuses. Coppell ISD advises those who continue in-person learning to still wear masks and keep social distancing to slow the virus’ spread.

In-person learning for Coppell High School and the 9th Grade Campus will resume on Nov. 19.

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