The Coppell ISD Board of Trustees received budget proposals outlining projected revenue and expenditures for the 2021-22 school year during Monday’s workshop.

The proposed expenditures for the 2021-22 school year are projected to total at around $159 million. The majority of funds – around $110 million are budgeted for classroom instruction and support for both students and staff while the remaining expenditures are set to cover administration, instructional leadership and other funds. The proposed recapture, unspent money taken by the state for redistribution, is expected to be around $34 million.

“The proposed budget allows for a great er percentage of funding spent on direct classroom instruction and student support and a lower percentage on administration costs,” Chief Financial officer Diana Sircar said. “While there is a lower dollar amount on the proposal, it is a greater percentage than what we saw last year.”

Sircar said from an object level, payroll makes up 83% of the expenditure – a 2% difference compared to last year’s budget. There has also been a reduction in expenditures regarding contracting, supplies and other areas.

The district explored other ways of cutting costs and saved $3.9 million through new custodial contracts, staff efficiencies, cutting substitute and utilities costs, as well as other expenditures.

“If the district wants to look at further reducing their expenditures, they’ll have to start looking at the payroll line,” Sircar said.

The district expects to receive $155 million in revenue for the 2021/2022 school year. The majority of funds – 91% -- will stem from the $142 million collected from taxable assessed property within Coppell ISD. Other funding will come from additional local avenues including rentals, fees, and ticket sales from athletic events. Coppell ISD also expects $10 million from state funding and $750,000 from federal funding.

Part of the state funding will come from the proposed “cleanup bill” or House Bill 1525. In contrast to House Bill 3 which allotted $3.2 million to Coppell ISD, the proposed House Bill 1525 is expected to allot $1.7 million based on the growth of the district. As the growth rate continues to decrease, that allotment is projected to further decrease in subsequent years.

“The revenue is growing at a reduced amount because of the slowing growth rate of students coming to Coppell ISD,” Sircar said.

The district plans to engage in further discussion regarding the budget in future meetings.

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