Dog tethering

The Coppell City Council amended an ordinance Tuesday updating the language related to the tethering of animals. 

Coppell Police Chief Danny Barton said the amendment adds the definition for “tether”, “tethering device” and “properly fitted.” He added the city currently follows all state laws regarding this ordinance but decided to examine it further after resident input on the subject. 

Barton said while the city has not had any tethering issues to date, “I can’t see into the future.” 

“Tethering is dangerous to animals, no doubt,” he said. 

Barton said the new language describes properly fitted as a device that does not impede breathing, is non-metallic and does not pinch, prong, or choke the animal. He added the harness used should not allow the animal to escape. 

Tethering was defined as securing an animal to a fixed point and reiterated that it is unlawful to allow dogs to run without a lease. 

Additionally, an owner must be present and watch of any tethered animals, and they cannot be left outside in extreme weather. 

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