Coppell drive-in movies

Alex Hargis, managing director of the Coppell Arts Center, announced to the Coppell City Council on Tuesday that a summer drive-in movie program is scheduled to take place each week from June 20 through Aug. 22.

The drive-in movies will take place on the west parking lot, where patrons may remain socially distant. Among the movies to be featured will be “Indiana Jones,” “Coco” and “Back to the Future.” Patrons can tune in to a local FM frequency on their car radios for movie audio. Tickets will be at $10 per car, and the city will encourage patrons and employees to conduct contactless transaction when purchasing tickets, food and beverages.

“We’re also encouraging our residents who go to the drive-in to beforehand get a to-go meal at one of our local restaurants to really boost that buy in Coppell program,” Hargis said.

Due to obstacles presented by COVID-19, construction on the Coppell Arts Center was delayed as workers continue building with 50 percent of their workforce and endure an interruption in supplies from their manufacturer. Construction nears completion, leaving the main hall and reception hall to be finished.

“Where we are now is, we have a new temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) date scheduled for June 19,” Hargis said. “We are not sure when we’ll get that certificate of occupancy (CO) date. It depends on when the paneling comes in, but our target is late July for that full CO.”

The Coppell Arts Centre’s grand opening was shifted tentatively to late September due to delays in construction and guidelines in place due to COVID-19. Postponement of the Coppell Arts Centre’s grand opening forced the city to reschedule plays to take place in December 2020 and early 2021.

“Between now and then, that’s a lot of time,” Hargis said. “We needed to create a pulse between the citizens and the building and not let it sit empty. We are planning a new grand opening in late September. That will look very different than the one we had planned in May. We are reconstructing it to be flexible because we do not know what the restrictions will be at that time. We do plan to keep a band we had scheduled for that Friday, and we’ll really want to focus on resident companies on that weekend. We’ll still have the ribbon cutting and other fun social events, but we want to operate at 50 percent capacity.”

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