Throughout this year, I have seen us come together as a CISD family to tackle the problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our way while continuing to deliver the exceptional education experience for which we are known. It has furthered my belief that we are stronger together, and there is nothing in this district that we cannot handle as a team.

Now we have another challenge to come together to overcome — a budget deficit. When our Board of Trustees passed this year’s budget in late August, it was with a more than $7 million deficit. CISD budgets have been passed with $2 to $3 million deficits for the past few years. CISD has used our fund balance to cover these budget deficits. However, the district cannot continue to run with a budget shortfall of this size and are taking the necessary steps to balance our budget.

Factors contributing to the current adopted budget deficit include declining growth of revenue due to House Bill 3, slowing growth of student enrollment, implementation of the required full day Pre-K with only 50% funding from the state, opening of CHS9 and Canyon Ranch Elementary and the staff required, growth of Special Education enrollment and expenditures, COVID-19 expenses, increased safety costs with the City of Coppell no longer funding School Resource Officers at 100 percent and the district funding the full cost of School Resource Deputies for our schools outside of the City of Coppell and increased compensation for teachers and veteran teachers, which also a requirement of HB 3.

CISD is embarking on a two-year process to reduce our deficit level. We had our first Budget Workshop on this topic on Monday, Dec. 7. I encourage you to use the links below to view a video of the workshop and access the presentation shared. More workshops and opportunities for feedback are set for the future. As always, you can email with your questions and feedback.

Though I know this will be a tough process for our district, I know that by using our core values as our guide and keeping children first in our decisions, we will come through this stronger, together. I thank you for your continued support of CISD.

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