Chopped Junior

Cole Householder, far right, won the Food's Network "Chopped Junior" competition bringing home a chef's coat and $10,000.

Cole Householder has been cooking for as long as he can remember.

After putting his skills to the test on national TV, the Coppell Middle School East student came out the winner of The Food Network’s "Chopped Junior" competition.

Householder walked away with a Chopped Junior chef’s coat and $10,000.

The competition wasn’t uncharted territory for Householder. He also competed on Master Chef Junior in 2016. Householder decided to jump into the ring on “Chopped Junior” after a friend told him about the auditions for the show. 

Titled “Bet the Ranch Dressing,” the episode Householder appeared on aired Dec. 17. The judges were impressed with all three of Householder’s dishes; his last meal of the evening was a no-bake cheesecake.

During the show, Householder didn’t let the pressure of time or an audience distract him. Kimla Carsten, his mother, said her son gets in his zone when he starts cooking. 

“He’s focused and … so ridiculously calm,” she said. 

Householder said he was excited to win although he did feel a little bad that his competitor didn’t make it. Nevertheless, he is happy to hold the title of Chopped Champion. 

“It’s really cool, and I’m glad that I won,” he said.

Householder said he can’t remember exactly when he started cooking, but once he began, he fell in love with it. 

For others who hope to grow their cooking skill and maybe land on a national cooking show one day, the key is keeping at it Householder said.

“It’s a matter of practicing,” he said. “Over the summer I would come home and cook a meal every single day.”

Carsten said Householder has been competing in competitions since he was 7. She said she can’t really explain how it feels to see her son winning competitions and pursuing his passion. 

 “You want your kid to do something that they love, but to see them excel at it so much along with loving it is an awesome feeling,” Carsten said. 

Carsten said her son will more than likely save his winnings to help pay for college. Householder’s not sure what’s next for him in his cooking journey, but taking part in more competitions is on the list. 

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