Magnolia Park Trail

The city of Coppell continues discussions on Magnolia Park Trail.

After further consideration of the trail at Magnolia park, residents of the Magnolia Park neighborhood advocated for the originally proposed Southside option for the proposed trail.

In previous city council meetings, two options for the trail’s placement were being considered. The first option, and more favored by residents, was to run the 831-foot trail south of the Denton Creek ponds through a canopy of trees. It would cost a total of $435,372.

The second option – more favored by city staff and the City Council – would consist of a 1,134-foot boardwalk over one of the Denton Creek ponds and two sharper curves on either end of the boardwalk to reconnect them to the pre-existing trails. It would cost a total of $594,010.

The city favored the second option because of the lower risk in flooding. A trail used to be located in the canopy where the trail is proposed to be located. However, long term erosion from flooding washed the trail away.

Yvette Hightower, vice president of the Magnolia Park Homeowners Association, said the original trail would provide shade for bikers and those walking the trail in the summer and wind protection in the winter. The original proposal would be shorter thereby less expensive than the boardwalk. The original proposal would also provide a shaded, more direct route for children walking from their house to Denton Creek Elementary and Coppell Middle School.

Residents of Magnolia Park and surrounding neighborhoods consulted Jeff Crannell, president of CCM Engineering, to look at the areas of the proposed trail. He told the council while the boardwalk option seemed better at first, he liked the original proposal after conducting more in-depth research. He mainly preferred the shorter length of the original option.

“Option B has some benefits, but they are far outweighed by option A in the long run,” Crannell said.

Mayor Wes Mays said he will give the new information to city staff and discuss the issue further in a work session item in two months.

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