Dave Shafer

What are the most pressing issues facing the city, and how do you plan to address them?

The most pressing issues facing Allen are excessive taxes, DART, public safety and rampant urbanization, not necessarily in that order. I intend to address these issues by advocating for an increased police and fire budget while lowering other areas of the city budget until we can reduce property taxes below the “no new revenue” rate. I will not vote to approve any new variance for any new high-density or stand-alone apartment development. I intend to advocate for the zoning change of locations where high-density can be developed “by right,” to prevent such developments, and will never be a supporter of DART. I see DART as a highway for crime and an unnecessary additional workload for our first responders.

How do you feel about the city’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic since its inception? How do you think it should respond to Gov. Abbott’s recent executive order?

I believe the city overstepped its authority with its response to the pandemic. Leadership is advocating what one believes best for the people, not forcing them, or attempting to force them into compliance simply because you believe it’s in their best interest, or you can. Nor is leadership acting outside the parameters authorized by our state and federal constitutions, or our legislature. There is no excuse for attempting to force individuals to stay in their homes, close their businesses or wear protective garments. Elections should never have been rescheduled. That is not the place of government and not in line with the founding principles of our nation, let alone our state. Government governs best when it remembers it governs solely at the will and discretion of those governed. The city should not respond to the Governor’s executive order, other than to stay out of the peoples’ way.

Do you believe a balance can be struck between Allen’s continued economic development and its “small town feel?” If so, how?

Yes, while unfortunately, Allen has lost fair amount of its small-town feel due to the growth it has already experienced. The rampant urbanization of recent years has caused much of it. However, if we can incentivize a revitalization of the east side of town without subsidizing such revitalization or fundamentally altering the east side of town, then we can experience continued economic growth without sacrificing the small-town feel we’ve so far been able to hold onto within our various neighborhoods. It is absolutely imperative we keep the limited small-town feel that we have, where our children can still play outside freely and safely. Once we lose that, as we lost our ability to leave our front doors unlocked (we could still do that in the 1990s), it’s lost forever.

What do you identify as core competencies for you and your campaign?

As a small business owner, I am well-versed in the need to work within a budget and the understanding that the average citizen can’t just go “find money” to finance wants or even needs. If the citizenry can’t simply “find money,” the taxing authority should not be able to either. As a private investigator who has extensive experience in the criminal defense field, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a variety of officers from a variety of departments work, as well as what they encounter on a daily basis. I understand the Texas Penal Code and the Elements of an Offense, which in large part directs the actions of any police department. I also have extensive knowledge in how the criminal mind works, with the clear understanding that high density and mass transit not only aid but invite criminal activity. At the end of the day, my core competencies are my campaigning points: a reduced, balanced budget covered by low taxes and a safe and secure Allen for generations to come.

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