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North Texas Enterprise Center, a city and Frisco Economic Development Corporation partnership, provides a space and tools for startup businesses to quickly develop.

North Texas entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone when launching or building their business. The North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC) makes it their business to help others with theirs.

The 50,000-square-foot building, 6170 Research Road in Frisco, has furnished offices, cubicles, general-purpose prototyping areas, conference rooms, rentable conference center, light manufacturing space and many amenities.

NTEC designed its approach and facility to support the needs of a broad spectrum of technologies and highly scalable businesses and was founded through a partnership with the city of Frisco and the Frisco Economic Development Corporation to assist emerging technology companies develop and grow.

According to NTEC Executive Director John Miller, what makes collaborating with NTEC worthwhile are the unique services it offers, in addition to its facility and location.

“While the concept of hybrid co-working and incubation is nothing new, NTEC is able to provide enterprise-class infrastructure and a vast professional network of resources to help startups, technologists and creatives in the Collin and Denton areas get farther, faster, and we’re located right in their own backyard,” Miller said.

According to Miller, NTEC defines success for the organization as being as simple as helping one entrepreneur overcome a single obstacle, or fostering connections that lead to collaboration and success for companies.

“Our biggest definition of success is the point at which our companies reach the stage far enough down the maturity model to self-sustain, where it becomes visible that most of their start-up risk factors have been overcome,” he said.

Miller said a part of what has made NTEC so successful working with companies and entrepreneurs is the speed in which NTEC is able to facilitate and address company needs and growth.

“We seem to be able to adapt and offer flexibility that some say can be difficult to find,” he said. “Being able to adapt and have some flexibility allows us to engage longer, simply because we are capable of housing clients from one individual up to 30 employees. This allows us to redefine graduation from ‘we taught you our program; now go out and prosper,’ to ‘We teach you and continue with you along the growth path until you’re ready to launch, not just funded.’”

Recent examples include a member company that needed a studio built out in less than a month. Another member company needed a lab along with strict standards related to airflow, drainage and HIPAA compliance in fewer than two months. Miller said NTEC was able to accommodate both companies.

According to Carol Nellis, senior vice president of sales and marketing for True Health Diagnostics, NTEC is a one-stop shop.

“Everything you would want in your own business is here: IT infrastructure, security, training, reception, as well as other business partners to share best business practices and collaborate,” she said. “When you’re here, you don’t feel like you’re on your own, which makes it easier to focus on getting your business up and running.”

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